Lana’s exclusive Xbox console exclusive gorgeous new gaming planet revealed, coming 2022


Developer Wishfully reveals a stunning trailer for its debut Planet of Lana game at Summer Game Fest, showcasing its quaint world and weird story.

After his initial tease last year, Lana’s planet was officially announced with a full Summer Game Fest trailer complete with gameplay and a little taste of the story gamers can expect next year.

Lana’s planet comes from a young development studio known as Wishfully and publisher Thunderful, known for their work in the indie scene with titles like humor Say no! Following and the whimsical Giant ghost. However, Lana’s planet will be Wishfully’s first game, finally bringing together beautiful illustrations and innovative storytelling in a project in development since 2018.

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The Upcoming Indie is a side-scrolling platformer, but rather than going the normal course of stressful fights and difficult maneuvers, Lana’s planet turn down the heat and follow in the footsteps of games like Spiritist instead of. Players will likely take on the role of Lana, and while the world around her may look beautiful and seem quaint, there is something more sinister to come. The trailer shows what appear to be rockets falling from the sky, and Lana is greeted by spider-like robots after meeting her little companion who joins her for the events of the game.

Lana’s planet is a dangerous adventure platform game that relies on solving puzzles to progress and explore this “above-ground” world. Kind of like the next platform game Island Minute, instead of using quick jumps and difficult combats, Wishfully says that “all is not a fight” in Planet of Lana. So maybe it’ll be a less traditional story of destroying alien monsters and instead something healthier like making peace with new life or reprogramming them, Horizon: Zero Dawn style.

This relaxing platformer is set to be an Xbox exclusive, but gamers can pick it up on PC next year as well. The trailer for Lana’s planet is short but shows the beautiful hand painted backdrop of the game setting. Players can expect an array of landscapes such as water landscapes under blue skies, sunsets, misty nights and forests strange. Same Lana’s planetThe sound design of is already impressive, so the only question now is how its story will play out in 2022.

While the monsters and their quest may resemble the Reapers of the Mass Effect trilogy, this story is more about the journey to keep Lana’s world beautiful and calm in a non-violent way. Hopefully Lana’s planet was undisturbed, with humans and animals also sharing nature in a symbiotic relationship, but the new creatures threaten that peace.

Lana’s planet is slated for release in 2022 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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