Introducing Targets – your monthly community game challenges

Yesterday we announced that we would be launching a new site feature every day in March to celebrate reaching 750,000 registered users.

Today we bring you the first of these features – Targets.

What are targets?

Each month we will launch a new set of objectives. Each objective is a game-related challenge that must be completed during the month and has three levels of completion to aim for.

The easiest way to explain the concept is to look at the set of goals for March:

Mars Goal 1 – Gamerscore RPG Goal

Objective 1 is for Gamerscore earned in RPGs.

Here’s a full list of Xbox RPGs that count towards this goal.

The target levels are:

  • Bronze — 200 game points
  • Silver — 400 game points
  • Gold — 600 game points

These are relatively low values ​​because we know how grumpy some RPGs can be – if you manage to get gold just by using Elden Ring achievements, you’re a better player than me!

March Goal 2 – Success Days Goal

Objective 2 is all about unlocking at least one achievement on different days of the month. You can earn as many achievements in a single day as you want, but it will only count for one day. Success days do not have to be consecutive to count.

The target levels are:

  • Bronze — 10 days
  • Silver — 15 days
  • Gold — 20 days

March Goal 3 – Games Completed

Target 3 is for completing games (excluding any downloadable content). You can have started the games before the start of the month, as long as the last game achievement is unlocked during the month.

The target levels are:

  • Bronze — 1 Completion
  • Silver — 2 successes
  • Gold — 3 successes

Sounds awesome, how can I play?

Simply go to the target you want to participate in and click on the Join the target button. Achievements will start counting from the moment you reach the target until the end of the month.

Target periods are mapped to your time zone, so please ensure it is correctly configured in your locale.

When you have joined certain challenges, they will appear on your home page under your friends feed, showing your current progress and the amount needed to reach the next level:

Active targets on your homepage

If you click on the target itself, you will also see how all your friends are doing in that particular target.

You can leave a target after rejoining it, but you will lose all progress towards that target, and if you rejoin it, you will have to start your score over.

Completed target medals will appear on your homepage in a new Target Medals sign.

Wait a minute, I have a platoon and this looks pretty familiar…

If you follow me on twitter, you will know that I am a big fan of the Peloton. I love their challenge system and thought it would be really cool to adapt it for TrueAchievements.

And we believe that with your ideas for new targets, we can make it even better! Let’s hear what you have to say, either in the comments or on Discord!


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