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The challenges of being an entrepreneur can come with many ups and downs. For a 10-year-old budding business owner, an unfortunate event led to an outpouring of community support and even a boom in his business.

One weekend, David Hove from Toronto was selling homemade scones on his street. He thought of the idea as a way to make money to save up for a gaming system. He took a break from sales for a bathroom run and, when he got back, his scones stand had disappeared. Someone had stolen his table, a cooler and even his water bottle. All that remained was the sign announcing his business.

“I thought these people were very crazy to take other people’s things when they knew it wasn’t for (them) to take it,” David said.

David’s father, whose name is also David, was disappointed with the incident and campaigned for the return of the stolen items.

“It hurts my heart to see my children go through this,” her father said. “They have the initiative to do something hard for themselves that gives them income and teaches them life lessons.”

Thankfully, this story is getting better – the theft was caught on camera. And when local news picked up the story, the young businessman received overwhelming community support. Once people saw the story, many of them started donating the stolen items, David told CTV News Toronto.

David also said that since the robbery even more people have stopped by to buy scones made by his older sister. The best part? He finally got the game system he wanted!

A Stadia Glass and Door employee surprised David with his own Xbox, and he was overjoyed.

“I’m about to cry,” David shared, adding that the gift made him feel “so good.”

They were so touched by the kindness of the people in their community, and Dad is grateful that something good came out of the situation.

“It shows him there’s more good in the world than bad,” Dad said. “And that’s a positive thing.”

David continues to sell scones on the side of his street and has no intention of stopping his business. In fact, his eyes are already set on the next thing he’ll be saving up for. When asked what it was, he grinned and said, “A car.”

It’s true what they say: when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. In this case, David will continue to sell his scones and work his way to a new set of wheels.

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