How to use Microsoft Edge on your Xbox 2021 console


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Check out how you can use Microsoft Edge on your Xbox console

The new Microsoft Edge comes with a ton of improvements and is also available on Xbox. Read on to find out what’s new in Microsoft Edge and how to use it with your Xbox console.

Microsoft Edge on Xbox

Microsoft released Chromium-based Microsoft Edge in January 2020, and after the September 2021 Xbox update, it’s also available on Xbox consoles. We consider this an important update because Edge is the only official browser available on Xbox and this update finally puts it on par with browsers from other devices.

With Edge’s improved security and performance, Xbox now has a proper browser that doesn’t lack much compared to the browsers on your computer. Although it does not yet support extensions or a development console, it has all the necessary means to support an Internet user on a daily basis.

What does the new Microsoft Edge offer on Xbox?

Surfing the internet with a game console has always been something you want to avoid and for good reason too. Developers rarely outfit console edition browsers with the latest technology, and other than that browsing the web with a controller just doesn’t feel right.

Microsoft basically demolished all of these barriers with the new Edge and made web browsing on Xbox even more enjoyable.

Here’s a highlight of what Microsoft Edge brings:

Sync browser data across all your devices

With Microsoft Edge on Xbox, all you have to do is turn sync on and in an instant all your favorites, bookmarks, saved passwords and more will be synced to your Xbox to make you feel right at home. . Nobody likes to navigate in an unfamiliar browser.

Send tabs to other devices

If a video game you’re playing has a tab open in Edge, you can easily send that tab to any of your other devices. With this feature, you can send a web page to Edge on your smartphone and return to your game on Xbox.

Access web apps like Discord and Stadia

Since the finalization of HTML 5 in 2014, web applications have taken a leap forward and become as sophisticated as desktop applications. Microsoft Edge on Xbox can run all of these web apps, and you can access web apps like Discord (because there is no official Discord app on Xbox) or the Stadia game service on your Xbox.

Mouse and keyboard support

The experience of browsing the web and scrolling pages is best when using a mouse and keyboard. The new Microsoft Edge is compatible with keyboards and mice. All you need to do is connect your keyboard or mouse to the USB port and enjoy web browsing on a big screen.

How to open and configure Microsoft Edge on Xbox

Microsoft Edge is already preinstalled on your Xbox if you have an Xbox One, One S, One X, Series S, or Series X. Here’s how to open Microsoft Edge on your Xbox console:

  • From the Home screen, go to My games & apps.
  • In My games & apps, on the left bar, go to the Apps tab.
  • Scroll through your list of apps and open Microsoft Edge.
  • Once in Microsoft Edge, select your profile picture on the right side of the address bar.
  • Select Enable sync. This will take you to the sync settings page.
  • Select Confirm, then enter your password to prove that you are the owner of the account.
  • Microsoft Edge is now ready to unleash its full potential on your Xbox!

Get a head start with your Xbox

The new Microsoft Edge update for Xbox makes the web browser more than enough for casual web browsing. Keyboard and mouse support lets you enjoy web apps, and cloud sync lets you easily move tabs between your devices.

If you recently purchased an Xbox Series X | Yes, learning a few tips early on can give you a head start in using your console to its full potential.

Final words: How to use Microsoft Edge on your Xbox console

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