How to Stream Xbox Console Games to PC


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers now have another way to enjoy their games on various devices. If you’d rather play on your Xbox console, but a family member is watching something on that TV, you can now stream your console to a PC. If you have an underpowered PC, your console will take care of all the heavy lifting while your PC will only stream the image. Here’s how to stream your Xbox games to PC from your console.

Configure your console

To stream to your PC, on your console, go to Settings, Device & Connections, Remote Features, and make sure the remote features are turned on and the power mode is set to Instant-on. This will allow your console to be accessible by other devices. Also, make sure you go to the Xbox app preferences and allow connections from any device and check the Allow streaming play box.

Connecting to an Xbox Series X

To stream your Xbox console to PC using this method, you must first be subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. If you are only subscribed to the console or PC only version, this will not work.

To connect to an Xbox Series X on your PC, download and start the Xbox app. In the upper right corner near the search bar is a device icon. Click on it and you should see your console appear. Choose the console and you will connect to it to start streaming.

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Note that if you have an irregular internet connection, you will likely be dropped from the stream from time to time. Just restart the stream and you can pick up where you left off.

Connecting to an Xbox One

To stream Xbox One to PC, you’ll need the Xbox Console Companion app on your PC. Once installed, launch it and choose the Connections tab on the left side. When your PC finds your Xbox One, click it to connect to it.

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Same as X series, if you have unreliable internet connection this method can be a bit tricky. If you get kicked out of the stream, simply restart it to pick up where you left off.

As of this writing, the Xbox Store, backward compatibility, and external media apps like Hulu are disabled while you stream your console to your PC.

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