How to Fix Community Creations Not Working in WWE 2K22


In WWE 2K22, one of the most fun aspects of the game is the Community Creations suite, where you can download and play with thousands of created superstars; arenas; and championships all created by the WWE 2K22 fan base. If you want to play with non-WWE Superstars, like CM Punk or Daniel Bryan, you can probably find them available in Community Creations.

However, recently players have been struggling to access Community Creations in WWE 2K22. Here’s how to fix your Community Creations not working in WWE 2K22.

You can fix Community Creations not working in WWE 2K22 by linking your 2K account to the game. If you don’t have an account, you can easily create one. Once linked, it will allow you to access all creations regardless of the platform. Below are the steps to link your 2k account to the game.

  1. Go to the Online tab in WWE 2K22.
  2. Click here on Community creations.
  3. If you haven’t linked your 2K account, you will have two options. The first is to create a new 2K account and the other is link to your existing 2K account. If you already have an account, you can skip to step 7.
  4. You can choose to create or link your account from the game itself or using a browser.
  5. When creating an account, you have the option to directly use your PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Steam or Epic accounts. Alternatively, you can also register using your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google or Twitch accounts. And finally, you can also choose to sign up using your email accounts.
  6. Once you are done signing up, verify your account, and then you will be given the option to link your account.
  7. Link your 2K account to your gaming platform account i.e. PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Steam or Epic accounts.
  8. After linking, go to the game and close it.
  9. Now, after restarting the game, your account should be linked.
  10. Select community creations and you should be able to see them and the feature should start working.

As long as you’re connected to the WWE 2K22 servers, you should now be able to access Community Creations


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