How to Create Your First Club in the Xbox Community for Group Posting


In its latest effort to bring the PC and online gaming community together, Microsoft has introduced some changes to the Xbox app. The app now allows users to create their first Club in the Xbox community. The Clubs are online meeting places created by the Xbox community for people to play and socialize. On top of that, there is a new addition to the Xbox Live app – ‘Look at the Group‘. It helps users find like-minded players for activities of similar interest. In this tutorial, let’s see the method of creating a club of our interest in Xbox community.

Clubs in the Xbox app

To get started right away, launch the Xbox app and select the Clubs icon in the left menu. It is a place from which you can start your own club. Alternatively, you can view and post to clubs you’re already a part of or search for those to join.

To create a new club, choose the option – Create a club and then select the type of club you want to create. You can choose anyone from the following,

  1. Public – It can be searched and the request can be sent to get an invitation. All activities are open to the public.
  2. Private – These categories of clubs are available for consultation, but are strictly by invitation. The feeds are also reserved for members.
  3. Hidden – No one can look for him. Only invited people can join it

Also note that you can create a maximum of 3 Public and private clubs. There is no limit to the number of Hidden Clubs you can choose to create.

Once you have chosen the desired club, name it and press the button To continue tongue.

Then select Create a club. Once you’ve created your club, give it some personality. Then add a background, choose a profile photo, and customize other options that will show the Xbox community what your club is all about.

If you want to find players on Xbox Live with similar goals and interests, create a Look at the Group Publish. To do this, select a game from the list by going back to “Game Hub and selecting the” Create Message “option.

Then open the Xbox app on your Windows 10 PC, select Partys in the menu on the right and choose the option “Group search”.

Add an appropriate description along with tags and other parameters such as the number of players needed.


Finally, set a schedule for a collection time by adjusting ‘Start time of day and party‘.

When you are finished, select To post.




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