How to Connect an Xbox Controller to Your Xbox Console


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We are now in the third age of wireless controllers and although they are relatively easy to set up, we sometimes run into synchronization issues. We’ll show you how to pair your Xbox controller with your Xbox, which is more or less the same on Xbox One, Series X, and Series S.

You basically have two options for connecting your Xbox wireless controller to the console, using the pair button for a wireless connection and the USB cable for a wired connection. Of course, you’re likely to seek out the former, as a wired connection takes care of everything for you.

How to Connect Xbox Controller to Xbox: Sync Devices

Xbox One controllers are compatible with Series X/S consoles and vice versa. This versatility means that the process below will work no matter what last-gen console you have.

Another thing to note before getting into how you connect devices is that the Xbox Series X/S Wireless Controllers have a quick switch feature. This means that if the controller is connected to a Bluetooth device, you can press the pairing button twice and the controller will switch the connection to the last console it was paired to. To switch in the opposite direction, you just need to long press the pairing button.

If you prefer, you can still connect the Xbox controller with its USB cable. For those on Series X and S consoles, you’ll need a USB C cable, and for those on Xbox One, a micro-USB cable. No matter what console you’re playing on, your controller should work instantly when plugged in.

Turn on your Xbox console then turn on your controller while holding the Xbox button, the light will flash and then stay on once connected

press and release the pairing button on your Xbox (located forward above the USB port on Series X

Now press and release your Xbox’s pairing button (located towards the front above the USB port on the X series, front left, right USB port for S series)

 Press and hold the controller's pairing button (a circular button) until the light on your controller flashes several times.

Within 20 seconds of pressing the pairing button on the console, press and hold the pairing button on the controller (a circular button) until the light on your controller flashes several times . Once the controller finds the console, it stays on and you’re good to go.

Still can’t log in? Check for Xbox Controller Firmware Updates

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  1. Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide
  2. Head to “Profile & system” and select “Settings”
  3. Under “Devices and Connections”, select “Accessories”
  4. On the Xbox Wireless Controller screen, select the dots (…) to see the firmware version
  5. If it says there is no update available, you have the current firmware, if not, update
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