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When I was younger I always made paper costumes from one of my favorite TV shows or movie characters and it was so fun and interesting back then. When I was about 13 I started playing video games and I got my Xbox and I had so much fun playing my favorite game Fortnite with my friends and then after a while I the game got boring and me and my friends stopped playing.

In those fun times, I never considered whether I should play video games because I had nothing better to do, but I did because I had fun playing video games. For a while I started drawing because I know that my art teacher believes in me and wants me to do my best and that’s what encourages me to continue drawing. When I was younger, I always drew and looked at other people’s drawings and I got demotivated because their drawings were better. Drawing is something I want to learn but also have fun. I learned that a hobby is supposed to be fun and something you enjoy doing.

Every time I go to school I have anxiety so I like to listen to music and draw because it relieves stress and keeps me from thinking about things. After a while, drawing became a chore for me because I tried to do hard level drawing instead of taking it slow and easy. I realize that when you do things you love, you should enjoy the process of improvement.

I took a break from drawing and decided to do something else. Doing things like relaxing in bed, watching a movie or show on Disney Plus, taking a nap because it helps clear my mind, and listening and dancing to music.

I was frustrated and asked my art teacher what I was doing wrong. My art teacher told me that when we are toddlers, we don’t want to be carried all our lives and eventually want to walk on our own. When he said that, he meant that one day as I progress in my drawings, I’m going to want to work harder as I see improvements, and have to do little things to get there. to better things in life.

Well, whoever is reading this, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you make our dreams come true.


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