Halo Infinite Invitational Celebrates the Diverse Gaming Community in Canada


Toronto-based organization, MYNNO, will host its Halo Infinite Invitational tournament at the Red Bull Gaming studio on December 12. MYNNO has partnered with Xbox Canada and Paidia Gaming to make this happen.

The Halo Infinite Invitational will feature the creators of BIPOC and their friends from the video game industry. A $ 1,000 tournament pot bonus of Paid game will be online.

Fans and supporters can follow all the action live Tic. The event kicks off on December 12 at 12 p.m. ET.

MYNNO and diversity in the game

While viewers will be watching the tournament from their homes, the Halo Infinite Invitational will have a social element.

“We wanted to use this as a way for creators to network with like-minded people, but more importantly, to make new friends at the end of the day,” said the founder of MYNNO. Timothy Kurston.

Timothy also acknowledged that minorities can find it difficult to be seen in their communities. At worst, gamers may need to validate why they are passionate about video games in the first place.

The Halo Infinite Invitational banner. | Provided by MYNNO

“Creating events like this shines the spotlight on talented and amazing creators, giving them a platform to talk and share their work with others,” he said.

Timothy added that the goal of the tournament is to empower individuals in the playing space while standing up for them in the eyes of the world.

He noted that with the end of 2021, MYNNO wanted to do something fun and inclusive for their communities and Toronto.

Screenshot of Halo Infinite
Screenshot of Halo Infinite. | Provided by 343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios

Along with the Halo Infinite Invitational announcement, MYNNO released a video who introduced the event.

Formerly known as Team Black Game Pros, MYNNO is an organization whose objective is to support the creators of BIPOC. “The rebranding is a way to better reflect their values, ‘MYNNO’ being the abbreviation for ‘Minority’ and the team itself being managed by a minority,” according to the announcement.


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