Halo Infinite Forge devs can’t wait to see ‘amazing’ community creations


343 have released the latest installment in their Halo Infinite Forge series – showcasing the game’s new mode, which will be released next month.

This fourth episode focuses on “Canvases & File Sharing”. While it’s worth watching, Forge manager Michael Schorr also sent a final message to the game’s community on behalf of the team – mentioning how excited he is to see what the creators do with this powerful tool:

“I’m just super excited to see what people create, I expect to be incredibly surprised on November 8th, I think what’s coming out and what we’ll see, and what we’ll have to play on that day, going to be crazy.”

We’ve already seen some amazing creations in previous Forge releases, including an incredible recreation of Toy Story.

The latest Forge video (above) focuses on canvases and file management options that will allow players to create and share content in “unique and exciting ways”.

And in case you missed it, here’s the third video in the Forge Fundamentals series, highlighting scripts and bots:

Forge Mode is set to launch in Halo Infinite on November 8, and it’s free!

What do you think of this updated version of Forge now that you’ve seen more of it? Leave a comment below.


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