Halo Infinite Dev Responds To Development Concerns And Admits “The Community Is Just Out Of Patience”


The history of the development of Infinite Halo is a story full of ups and downs. After being announced at E3 2018, the game was later delayed, forcing eager fans to wait until December 2021 to play the full game. However, a number of those same fans would consider the game’s eventual launch a success, with many praising the multiplayer and online campaign. Infinite Halo as an improvement over recent installments in the series. Unfortunately, this praise will be short-lived.


Only a few months after the launch, many members of the Halo The community grew frustrated with the state of the first-person shooter. Not only has Infinite Halo failed to fix numerous technical issues in the weeks after release, such as desynchronization, but it suffered from a lack of new content. Adding to the issues, many claimed there was a lack of transparency from the developer, 343 Industries. Recently, one of the developers working for the game studio had some honest words about this.

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Speaking to Reddit, Brian Jarrard, known as “ske7ch343” on the platform, addressed fans unhappy with the current development situation of Infinite Halo. In a candid response, Jarrard admitted that the studio worked to overcome many challenges when developing new content for the game. “We’re certainly not happy that we can’t meet player and community expectations,” did he declare. However, he revealed that the current issues will take more time to resolve before an update can be given.

In addition to this news which may discourage many fans of the series, the developer has gone deeper into one of the reasons for the lack of updates from 343 Industries. According to Jarrard, “there’s a lot of production planning, costing, scheduling, hiring, etc. going on, which doesn’t really lend itself to regular detailed updates.” However, he acknowledged that was probably an unsatisfactory response for many fans. “We understand the community is just running out of patience and frankly I think it’s understandable that words are tired,” he admitted.

Unfortunately, it seems many players weren’t happy with Jarrard’s response. Given the extended period of little to no substantial updates on the game, many found the developer feedback to be more or less the same. “You say we’re tired of words, then keep saying the exact phrase we’re most sick of hearing: ‘We need more time,'” MythicForgeFTW posted on Reddit.

Although fans still have a lot of questions, it looks like players will get at least some answers in the near future. Season 2 of Infinite Halo is set to launch on May 3, just over a month away. Although they already revealed the name of the season, Lone Wolf, the developers, including Jarrard, claimed that new details on what to expect from the seasonal update will be coming soon. Time will tell if these answers will be enough to satisfy the many disgruntled fans of the Halo community.

Infinite Halo is available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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