GTA Online finally adds Deathmatch to the Community Series


Starting this week, GTA Online features six new jobs for the Community Series, with a particular focus on combat. It’s unclear whether or not this was due to feedback from the player base. Although the game had several different modes, September and October mostly featured Stunt Races. More than a few GTA Online players expected more variety from the Community Series.

The good news is that Rockstar Games changed the formula in November. Deathmatches and Last Team Ranking have finally been added to the Community Series. GTA Online players can also earn double the rewards if they participate through November 16.

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GTA Online Community Series finally includes Deathmatches and Last Man Standing modes

Here is the complete list of jobs

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Rockstar has personally selected each inclusion in this curated playlist of rewarding jobs. Old-school GTA Online gamers will likely recognize a few of these game modes from the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 days. Here’s what the developers picked for the Community Series this month:

  • #Merryweather Docks by Kossmo__
  • Runners vs. Snipers by AtomixPax
  • Cabmaggedon by Vill3m
  • *UL* Blood Forest by x-improbable-x
  • Wet and Wild RVI by WayneHii
  • – weMUSKET ISLAND by whatremily

Players can start by walking to Legion Square and undertaking these jobs. Alternatively, they can use the “Find Task” function from the Pause menu. Below is a brief description of what to expect from each job:

  • #Merryweather Docks by Kossmo__ – A King of the Hill match, where players must find the high ground and use the fog to their advantage.
  • Runners vs. Snipers by AtomixPax – Racers must navigate through an obstacle course while avoiding snipers.
  • Cabmaggedon by Vill3m – Taxis compete against electric vehicles in a sumo match where they have to knock themselves off a platform.
  • *UL* Blood Forest by x-improbable-x – Up to 30 players can participate in this team deathmatch as they explore a haunted treehouse.
  • Wet and Wild RVI by WayneHii – Opposing teams stand on raised platforms, where they have to shoot each other with RPGs.
  • – weMUSKET ISLAND by whatremily – Players can only use one musket to fight enemies, but it takes a while to reload after each shot

GTA Online players have plenty to look forward to in these deathmatches. The community series is finally focusing more on combat.

Community Series offers 2x rewards this week

Rockstar has updated the Community Series with a new selection of Community Jobs.- 3 new Deathmatch- 3 new Last Team Permanent modes- 1 new King of the Hill mode2x GTA$ and RP on new jobs from the community#GTAOnline

GTA Online players should consider taking part in the Community Series this week. By November 16, they will have the opportunity to earn double money and reputation.

Skilled shooters will shine brightly in combat-focused modes. And some of the Last Man Standing modes will involve some cooperation with other teammates; a player is only as good as his whole team.

GTA Online players asked for more variety

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The community series has already been criticized by the likes of Broughy1322 and Gtamen, popular GTA Online YouTubers within the community. In the span of two months, Rockstar has mostly prioritized Stunt Races. Since the other game modes weren’t covered, many players felt left out if they weren’t racing enthusiasts.

At the very least, that mindset has changed for the month of November. Some gamers can only hope that the developers continue to add more variety to the community series.

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