God of War 2018 could one day be playable on an Xbox console


God of War is primarily known as a PlayStation exclusive, but a recent PC release has opened the doors for new players to meet Kratos.

PC users can get the game through the Epic Games Store and Steam. And in a strange turn of events, the latter could allow the game to be played on Xbox consoles.

While GOW isn’t directly available for purchase on Xbox, Steam users may one day be able to play it through Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming service while using the Microsoft Edge web browser.

Steam, God of War, Xbox and Nvidia’s GeForce Now connect

Nvidia’s GeForce Now lets gamers log in with their Steam library and play their favorite titles remotely. All games included by Nvidia in GeForce Now are available.

God of War is not currently on the platform, but with DLSS and Reflex support, it’s possible that Nvidia decides to add GeForce Now support at some point. It could be something out of their hands, though.

Sony could be the driving force behind its non-appearance on the service. Whether that’s the case is still unknown, so gamers are eagerly waiting to stream the 2018 title whenever and wherever they want.

How Nvidia’s GeForce Now works

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If God of War becomes available or if you want to play other games you own, you can sign up for GeForce Now. There is a free subscription that offers a session duration of one hour and standard access to the servers.

Other paid plans increase session length, allow for better quality, and prioritize servers. After signing up, GeForce Now users can access a long list of games.

For those wondering about Xbox, there is a bit of input lag, so more casual games are recommended. Just go to Nvidia’s website in the Microsoft Edge app, sign in, and you can start playing.

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