GameStop Xbox Series X restocking coming next week – when and which stores will have stock


GameStop wants to save the holidays. The retailer will have an Xbox Series X restock in store on December 23. This new store replenishment will take place just a few days after its PS5 store replenishment.

News of this decline comes exclusively from Matt swider. Swider was the first to report GameStop’s latest PS5 in-store delivery, and he’s now the first to report this upcoming Xbox Series X in-store restocking.

Xbox Series X on wooden table.

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This new XSX restock will likely start as early as 8 a.m. local time, but expect impatient buyers to start lining up for the console much sooner than that, especially since this could be your last chance. get an XSX console before Christmas.

As is now the norm with GameStop Xbox Series X restockings, the console will only be available in bundles. The content of these packs has not been announced, but expect the console to be packed with things like games, digital gift cards, and more. GameStop always charges the combined retail price of the items in its bundles, so you won’t incur a price increase.

Previous in-store replenishments did not require customers to be members of PowerUp Reward Pro. However, their latest PS5 restock required a membership. So it’s possible that the December 23 restocking will also require membership.

If you don’t live near a GameStop or prefer to buy a console online, be sure to bookmark our Xbox Series X Replenishment Hub for the latest updates throughout the holiday season. . We can’t guarantee you a machine, but it will help make the job of finding an Xbox a little more manageable.

Xbox Series X replenishment tracker – where to look

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