GameStop will sell the PS5 in stores tomorrow, but only for Pro members


GameStop is offering a rare chance to buy the PlayStation 5 in select stores tomorrow, December 17th. There’s a catch though: this pre-Christmas sale will only be available to subscribers to GameStop’s perks program.

Thursday, GameStop job PS5 restocking details including a listing of participating stores, spanning dozens of locations across the United States.


The advantages of the retailer program, dubbed PowerUp Rewards Pro, costs $ 14.99 per year. So if you’re desperate to get a PS5 before Christmas, it may be worth paying. Just be aware that paying for a subscription doesn’t guarantee you a chance at securing a PS5. GameStop will have limited supplies tomorrow, so eligible customers should consider lining up early.

Email from GameStop regarding tomorrow's in-store sale.

Email from GameStop regarding tomorrow’s in-store sale.

The other catch is that the PS5 units be sold only in batch which includes three games, accessories and a $ 50 GameStop gift card. A store employee told PCMag that the pack will likely cost around $ 860, much more than the $ 499 standalone disc version of the PS5.

The packages will be offered to customers on a first come, first served basis once stores open tomorrow morning, the employee added.

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The restocking occurs as the PS5 continues to sell out within minutes at major retailers due to continued consumer and scalper demand. To buy one immediately, you’ll need to go to eBay, where the console sells for up to $ 1,000.

It’s certainly annoying to see GameStop selling the PS5 as a bundle and behind a membership payment wall. But hopefully the upcoming restock will at least help some consumers finally land on the console. If you’re still having trouble hooking up the PS5 or Xbox Series X, check out our guide.

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