GameStop PS5 event announced for select stores on September 30


Following Best Buy’s PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in-store event, GameStop has announcement an in-store “PS5 bundle event” scheduled for September 30 at select Atlanta, Dallas-Ft. Worth and New York.

No other details were announced. However, if we’ve learned anything from the recent Best Buy event, expect long lines around several blocks, with people camping outside starting at midnight.

Here are some of the scenes people on Twitter witnessed earlier this week:

You get the picture.

On a positive note, it looks like retailers are starting to receive new inventory ahead of the holiday season and are starting to host in-store events. So far, the ongoing pandemic has stalled efforts by retailers to sell new consoles on their premises, leaving gamers frustrated as they battled bots and scalpers for online sales.

For now, you have to choose between lining up with hundreds of people and trying your luck online.

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