GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro Folks Can Buy PS5 Bundles From Stores


With the COVID-19 pandemic and console shortages, GameStop tended to limit its PS5 sales to online bundles. However, people will have the option to get one in a physical store this weekend. On May 28, 2022, retail stores in the continental United States will carry them. However, to get one, someone will need to be a PowerUp Rewards Pro member. As a reminder, it used to cost $14.99 per year.

GameStop has not announced the types of PS5 bundles it will offer. However, in the past, they tend to have some commonalities. Bundles involving the standard version tend to include at least two games. They may also include items such as an additional DualSense controller, PlayStation Network cards, PlayStation Plus subscriptions, and headsets. For example, in April 2022, packages included Gran Turismo 7 and Forbidden Horizon West. These tended to be between $725 and $750.

GameStop digital PS5 bundles in the past wouldn’t come with any games. Instead, they would feature things like PlayStation Plus subscriptions, PlayStation Network gift cards, DualSense controllers, and peripherals. Since the digital version of the console is less expensive, these packages usually cost between $625 and $650.

GameStop will have the PlayStation 5 in its retail stores on May 28, 2022. People need an active PowerUp Rewards Pro subscription to purchase one.


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