Gamers, You’ll Want To Get This ‘Wakanda Forever’ Inspired Xbox Console


Attention all players – you will want to see this. Xbox has launched a special collaboration with Marvel Studios ahead of the highly anticipated release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Microsoft has created a custom xbox console inspired by the now iconic Wakandan salute. The box itself features designs found on Black Panther’s costume and the bespoke controllers are a direct reference to the ‘Wakanda Forever’ cross salute. This special collaboration also includes replica Kimoyo beads and custom sterling silver charms.

This tailor-made Xbox is produced in very limited quantities. Five lucky winners will receive Wakanda Forever packages by completing a challenge on the Xbox site.

This collaboration also includes initiatives to celebrate careers and education in STEM, such as the MakeCode Curriculumin which users can learn to write code for their own playable Black Panther-video game themes.

For the occasion, Marvel and Microsoft have called on actress Letitia Wright – who plays Shuri, an accomplished scientist and innovator from Wakandan in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – to promote this initiative.

“I get a lot of messages, especially from young women, who were so happy to see themselves on screen, they were so happy to see someone making tech cool,” Wright said of her role. “I’m proud to play a character that these young women can look up to so they don’t feel isolated and can pursue careers in STEM like gaming without hesitation.”

The actor hopes the on-screen portrayal of black women in STEM will help budding scientists pursue their passion for the field. “Seeing is believing. By having better representation in movies and in culture, we can inspire the next generation of black girls to see gaming and technology as a viable career option for them. Growing up, I don’t “I’ve never seen black women on TV in those areas. I’ve barely seen someone like me. That’s why I’m so happy to play this role,” Wright says.

She adds, “I’m thrilled that my role in the film speaks to a new generation of tech geniuses, and I hope young people can be inspired to get more involved in the STEM movement and encouraged to do so. let it be fun, not cheesy.”

About Kyra: Kyra Alessandrini is a news writer at Girls United and freelance journalist. Her work has appeared in publications such as Time, The Hollywood Reporter, InStyle and Elle. Born in New York and raised in Paris, France, she is passionate about culture, street photography and travel.


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