Game-Changing Elder Scrolls Online Update Gets Huge Community Backlash


We can’t say we’re huge Elder Scrolls Online players here on Pure Xbox (in fact, this writer hasn’t dropped into Bethesda’s massive MMO since launch), however, users who are more entrenched in the ESO community don’t seem too happy with the game’s latest update.

Update 35, which is currently in its PTS preview build, brings a number of fundamental changes to how ESO works. The developer seems to have fundamentally nerfed damage values ​​across the board in combat for various class roles. We don’t know exactly why these changes are taking effect, but be warned, the grassroots community doesn’t seem to know why either.

This isn’t an isolated response from fans, either. Many reddit threads pop up over the hours while Update 35 is live on the PTS. Also, the official Elder Scrolls Online Twitter page posted the update update yesterday, and well, you could say the responses weren’t too positive…

Look, we know fan outcry is nothing new to gaming and a lot of us are used to seeing the complaints roll in these days. However, this update seems to have caused widespread backlash to the point where we’re struggling to find many positive responses. In fact, the creative director of ESO’s team, Zenimax Online Studios, responded to the planned updates last week, questioning players’ “gut reactions” to the changes.

As we said at the very top, we admittedly aren’t deep enough in Elder Scrolls Online to fully understand what all of these changes mean, but it’s clear that the majority of the community doesn’t agree with them. . It will be interesting to see if things are reversed before the update leaves the PTS preview and heads to public servers in the near future.

Are you in ESO? Will these changes affect your experience? Let us know below!


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