Five Xbox Games Pass games were announced during the Annapurna Interactive Showcase


The Annapurna Interactive Showcase took place tonight, and besides the countless announcements, there were five games going to Xbox Game Pass in the future. The show featured 16 games but nothing about its effects from the show, but it had no news of Stray coming to other consoles.

Five new games for Xbox Game Pass games from the Annapurna Interactive app.

At the Annapurna Interactive Showcase, the first of five Xbox Game Pass games, Thirsty Suitors is “a family/social/social consciousness//? The game combines football, skating and cooking games with plans for revenge against ex-boyfriends while Jala returns to her hometown. Jala, living under one roof with her demanding parents, must deal with her exes and find her broken friendships as soon as she comes to her sisters wedding. This game Expected to ship to Xbox Game Pass later, as well as PC, Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, but there’s no release date “Soundry of Graveyard Clem” storybook is an interesting combination of genres, which is 3D action, mech combat, farming and base building. As a war veteran and expert robot pilot, she tries to get rid of the guilt and shame that ‘she still felt about her past and destroying post-apoapolyp red expansion tick of intrusive robots. The game will launch sometime in 2023 on Xbox Game Pass, PC, PS5, and PS4. Maquette is a game that started at the beginning of the year in the sandbox and in the middle of the clock. The first-person puzzle is inspired by MC Escher and uses clever angles to figure out the complex, as players manipulate buildings, plants, and other objects and escape the complex. Solar Ash also launched as a PlayStation 5 and PS4 console exclusive, but will move to Steam on December 6 before offering Xbox Game Pass this winter. The Voidrunnerrei ventures on an endless adventure and sets out on the journey through the dazzling dreamscape of Starseed and Echo. The ruins of civilizations now include, grinding rails, high-rise buildings to cling to, and ash clouds to surf on. Although it seems idyllic, many vile creatures from Ultravoid try to get in his way. First and foremost, Flock is an interactive game where players embody flying shepherds. Players travel across the world for a quick ride and to enjoy untouched pastures and attract other wild creatures. Wool is an excellent tool for a wide range of industries. Moreover, the longest scarf ever knitted is the longest. The game starts on Xbox Game Pass, PS5 and PS4 consoles. In other news, Xbox Cloud games are down for the second time in 24 hours. Other titles included Scourgebringer and Saints Row 2.


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