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Tina Summerford, Director of Programming at Xbox, took to the new official Xbox website to reveal more details on the new 6-part documentary Power On: The Story of Xbox which is now available to watch for free. The new TV series takes a look at the early days of Microsoft and the creation of the first generation of Xbox consoles 20 years ago.

“Each episode covers a different chapter in the history of the Xbox console from its humble beginnings at Microsoft, to the design behind the original console prototype, to heartbreaking challenges like the Red Ring of Death, to the attempt to Microsoft to acquire Nintendo in 2000, and much more. “

Power On: The History Of The Xbox Console Documentary Series

“As we celebrate Xbox’s 20th anniversary this year, we invite you behind the scenes of this very first, full and authentic Xbox story, where you will hear firsthand the team that lived the 20 – year journey. These docuseries will be a nostalgic throwback to the past for those who have played on Xbox since day one, and a revealing origin story for those new to the game! “

“All six episodes are now available to watch for free on a variety of video platforms, including Redbox, YouTube, IMDbTV, The Roku Channel, Microsoft Movies & TV, and others. The series is available in 30 languages ​​with audio descriptions in English for players around the world to enjoy the story. For more details, please visit the “Power On” site here and for more on creating the docuseries, see the in-depth article on Microsoft Stories here. “

“The celebration of Xbox’s 20th anniversary continues with the recently launched Xbox digital ‘museum’ experience. The experience has three parts: the Xbox museum, the Halo museum (click on the statue of the Master Chief to unlock it!) Genre played. When you visit the museum, you will also receive a downloadable “My Museum Share Card” to share on your social networks. Visit to begin your personal journey through Xbox history.

To learn more about the Xbox console and its origins, visit the new official Microsoft Xbox site by following the link below.

Source: Microsoft

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