February 6-13 La Mirada and Cerritos Crime Summaries – Cerritos Community News


February 25, 2022


Part 1 felonies were 29 for the week, down from 32 the previous week; YTD 2022 average was 33.3, YTD 2021 average is 36.1, down 8%.

Miscellaneous crime was 6 for the week, down from 8 the previous week; The 2022 YTD average was 10.7, the 2021 YTD average is 9.7, an increase of 9%.

Alarm calls were 44 for the week, down from 67 the previous week; The 2022 YTD average was 46.6, the 2021 YTD average is 37.4, an increase of almost 25%.

Service calls were 312 for the week, down from 369 the previous week; The 2022 YTD average was 302.9, the 2021 YTD average is 289.3 and an increase of almost 5%.


16400 Black. Cedarwood Ct.; victim was drinking alcohol at the indicated place with people he had just met. The suspect confronted the victim, pointed a handgun at her and demanded her property. Suspect drove away, stole cash.


20200 Bl. Avenue Mapes; the victim told the suspect to stop shouting, an argument ensued, the suspect grabbed a pair of scissors and approached the victim in a threatening manner, the victim pushed the suspect towards the down, the suspect was taken to hospital for evaluation.

17300 Black. Alfred Avenue; the suspect and the victim are husband and wife, the suspect hit the victim during an argument, the suspect was arrested.


11200 Black. Acoro St sliding rear, glass door, broken jewelry.


19900 Black. Gridley, backpack, laptop, sunglasses, wallet.

17600 Black. Fabrica Way, company, catalytic converter.

13900 Black. Equitable Rd., business, stolen cell phones.

17900 Black. Studebaker Rd., business, cell phone.

10800 Black. College Pl., business, 2018 nissan, unrecovered.


12200 Black. Del Amo, 2017 Dodge caravan no forcible entry sign, gym bag, xbox, ipad, headphones, laptop, backpack.

13100 Black. Midway Pl., business 2002 Chevy Silverado, punctured driver side door lock, various stolen items.

18400 Black. Jeffrey Ave. 2020 Kia Optima, no signs of tampering, bag, golf discs, shoes.

19700 Black. Bloomfield Park, 2010 Acura, no signs of tampering, US currency, credit cards.

The Mirada


• Three suspects were arrested for illegal street racing and weapons violations.

• Three suspects were arrested for identity theft and fraud.

• A suspect was arrested for aggravated assault and attempted theft of a vehicle.

• Three suspects were arrested in La Mirada for various warrants and narcotics violations. Other structure burglary

• An afternoon burglary was reported in the 16100 block of Canary Ave. The exact loss remains to be determined.


• Goods were reported stolen during a late night robbery in the 15800 block of Imperial Hwy.

• A daytime theft was reported on the 14000 block of Rosecrans Ave.

• An afternoon cargo theft was reported in the 15900 block of Imperial Hwy.

• A catalytic converter was reported stolen during an early morning robbery on the 13100 block of Ocaso Ave.

• A late night theft of a catalytic converter was reported stolen on the 16000 block of Phoebe Ave.


• A sedan was reported stolen on the 14700 block of Florita Rd.

• A truck was reported stolen on the 14600 block of La Mesa Dr.

• An attempted theft of a truck was reported in the 14400 block of Elmrock Ave.

• A stolen truck was recovered on the 15900 block of San Antonio Ave.

• A stolen van was found near the intersection of Ocaso Avenue and La Mirada Boulevard.

Man at the wrong address

causes social media frenzy

Porch security camera video captured the image of a Lakewood mother and her two children entering their home last Saturday night, followed seconds later by a strange man who tried to open the door, found it locked, then knocked and received no response.

The man waited on the porch, appeared to send several text messages from his cell phone, and then left. The man paced up and down the sidewalk ahead and stayed in the area for a while before leaving completely.

The video has gone viral on social media and television stations nationwide, possibly due to the recent increase in armed robberies in other parts of California.

The City of Lakewood invests in a variety of additional public safety resources, including a team of Special Assignment Officers (SAOs) who work solely on Lakewood issues and investigations. The team includes a seasoned detective who has worked in Lakewood for many years.

The detective and SAO team members quickly got to work on this incident. They were able to identify the man on the porch, make contact and interview him with the friend he thought was visiting the house.

After this interview, the Lakewood detective determined that the man had simply made a mistake when he attempted to enter the home of Lakewood’s mother and children. Television news stations are now broadcasting updated versions of the story.


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