Fall Guys Free To Play Model and Steam Removal Draws Community Backlash


Fall Guys was recently made free-to-play and released on Xbox and Nintendo Switch alongside it, but fans aren’t too happy with the developments.

Fall Guys caused a stir in the industry and among streamers a while back. Since then, the game’s popularity has dropped sharply, and despite the developer’s many attempts to add new content to the game, it has failed to reach the heights it once did. The developers have since been acquired by Epic Games, and it was only time for a big change to come for Fall Guys.

Yesterday a new season went live in Fall Guys, and it also marked the start of a new journey for the game which involved the game being available completely free of charge. Ideally, this would mean a lot of players would be happy with the change and eager to try out the game with their friends. However, it didn’t work very well for Fall Guys on PC.

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Since the changes went live, there’s been a massive backlash on social media about the game being removed from Steam. A post on the PC Gaming subreddit is filled with users expressing their disapproval of recent developments. Players added that the game is facing a similar fate to Rocket League, whose cosmetic system is considered worse than before the game was free-to-play.

One of the major concerns of gamers is the removal of the game from Steam, which is quite disappointing for many. Users added that their entire library is on Steam, and the lack of features on the Epic Games Store is a big deal compared to the incentives of free games.

On the bright side, some users have added that the changes to the game are insignificant considering they don’t make it pay to win or anything and only affect cosmetics. It looks like Epic Games needs more time to eradicate players’ reluctance to move away from Steam.


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