Every Xbox console ranked from worst to best



Xbox is a direct competitor to other gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Nintendo. It has released various games and consoles over the years, which we can analyze in terms of functionality and overall usability. If you’ve owned any Xbox consoles, here are all of them ranked from best to worst.

  1. Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 was not a particularly big improvement over the Xbox. It was a secondary version which offered good service for the time. We can give it some credit for doing its job, but it quickly becomes passable compared to other versions as it had a poor splash screen and a very dated GUI. It was also quite loud and box-shaped, which made it difficult to place anywhere to avoid overheating. It had a huge library of games and fast loading, which we can appreciate for something from 2006.

The Xbox 360 has a nostalgic design.
  1. Xbox one

The Xbox One didn’t come out particularly far, having been released in late 2013. The purpose of its release was strongly hated because it emphasized the digital aspect of buying games, thus preventing consumers from sharing. copies of physical games with their friends. . It had backward compatibility and console versatility, offering Netflix, Hulu, and other media. However, there weren’t a lot of exclusives and overall there were quite a few ups and downs, like Xbox Live Gold which is quite expensive.

It looks like the Xbox 360, doesn’t it?
  1. Xbox

The Xbox debuted around 2001, acting as a competition for other console brands. He added many improvements to the consoles already on the market, and gave us some great franchises like Halo. It was a pretty impressive little machine on its own, delivering PC-grade gaming at a fraction of the price. The lack of exclusive titles was a downfall, but it boasted of the best graphics for its generation.

The X series is the best so far.

even surpassing the PlayStation in this aspect. It’s been a while, but you could say it was a brilliant achievement from Microsoft.

Ah yes, the original is still well classified.
  1. Xbox s series

A slender body and compact design make this console very pleasing to the eye. It’s quite affordable as most consoles go, had drastically reduced noise output, and had solid AV and gaming performance. The S series does have its issues, however, such as stingy storage. With only 364 GB of usable storage, the expansion becomes very expensive. It also lacks a disk drive and doesn’t offer the best graphics of all consoles.

White really helps it stand out from the crowd.
  1. Xbox x series

Probably the best built to date, the Xbox Series X gives us everything the S Series has to offer, with more strength and improvement. The difference is mainly in the material and the specifications. It gives us better graphics, more power and a much better gaming experience. It’s more expensive than the others, but it is definitely a worthwhile investment as it offers the best Xbox encounter that has been released so far. . You can play a lot of the latest 2021 games on it, until the next best console comes out.

The X Series is the best Microsoft has offered so far.

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