Every Xbox console, ranked by launch price


For more than 2 decades, the Xbox console series has been a major player in the console market. Originally designed as the “Direct-X Box”, the system was developed to counter the meteoric rise of Sony’s Playstation consoles and the perceived threat they posed to Microsoft’s dominance in gaming. home computing. Since then, Xbox has gone through 3 generations of consoles and sold hundreds of millions of units. Xbox is one of the most recognized brands in the industry today, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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For this list we will be looking at all the major Xbox Line home consoles, we will not be considering small hardware revisions such as the Xbox 360 Elite. They will also be listed in order of inflation-adjusted launch price. Without further ado, let’s jump in.


6 Xbox Series S: Introductory price $299

In 2020, many fans were shocked to learn that Microsoft would be releasing two consoles in their foray into the 9th console generation. Both could play the same games, but where otherwise quite different with the Series S positioned as a cheaper budget option for consumers. Unlike its big brother, the Series X, the Series S is incapable of displaying 4K resolutions, it is also much smaller than the X.

Perhaps the most striking difference between the two systems is that the Xbox Series S completely lacks a disc drive or any means of playing physical games. Clearly, this system is primarily for those who primarily want to get their games through Microsoft’s Game Pass service. With a launch price nearly $200 less than the Series X, the S is certainly an attractive budget option.

5 Original Xbox: $299 introductory price, $438.08 adjusted for inflation

The one that started it all, when the original Xbox hit stores in the fall of 2001, few could have imagined the impact it would have. Easily the most powerful of all 6th Gen consoles, Xbox helped standardize many of the features we’ve come to expect from home consoles. These range from using an internal hard drive to popularizing online gaming with the original incarnation of Xbox Live.

The system had a large library of games with many titles now considered classics such as Haloand Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. For many gamers, it was their introduction to genres that existed primarily on PC. The Xbox was also known for being the first successful console developed in the West since the Atari 2600.

4 Xbox Series X: Launch price $499

Microsoft’s entry into the 9th generation of consoles, the Xbox Series X is a beast of a machine. Designed as the most expensive and high-end alternative to the S-series, X comes with all the features and options one would expect from a modern high-end console, including the ability to display 4K resolutions at a constant frame rate.

While not a leap forward from the Xbox One, the Series X still manages to deliver plenty of quality gaming and impressive graphics. The system is also fully backwards compatible with software from its predecessor, the Xbox One, ensuring gamers always have something to play. This console is also the largest of all Xbox consoles.

3 Xbox 360: Introductory price $399, $524.83 adjusted for inflation

When the Xbox 360 was released in 2005, it ushered console gaming into the HD era in style. While initially suffering from major hardware malfunctions, the 360 ​​quickly proved its worth with a massive library of games spanning nearly every genre imaginable.

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Although it eventually came in at number three in overall sales during 7th Generation, the system was able to maintain a comfortable lead over the Playstation 3 for most of its life. The 360 ​​was undoubtedly the system of choice for online multiplayer, with a revamped Xbox Live setting the standard for the industry moving forward.

2 Xbox One X: Introductory price $499, $525.80 adjusted for inflation

Although not a full generational upgrade, the Xbox One X was quite an impressive piece of technology for its time. The system was created to take advantage of emerging 4K displays, delivering a sharper picture to those on the cutting edge. Unfortunately, this often came at the expense of a game’s frame rate, but the system gave users the option to choose between better image quality and better performance.

The system also featured lower load times overall. Despite all these improvements, it still wasn’t enough to turn the tide of the 8th Gen console war in Microsoft’s favor.

1 Xbox One: Launch price $499, $556.48 adjusted for inflation

Microsoft’s 8th generation home console, the Xbox One got off to a very rocky start largely due to poor public relations on Microsoft’s part. Despite its rocky start, the console still managed to attract a hardcore following. Although it never managed to top Sony’s PS4, the Xbox One still managed to deliver plenty of great games for gamers to sink their teeth into.

It also featured several services such as limited backwards compatibility with original Xbox and Xbox 360 games. Perhaps its greatest saving grace was the introduction of Xbox Game Pass; a subscription service that gave gamers easy access to many great titles.

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