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Xbox and Halo are synonymous with each other. With every new Xbox, there’s a new Halo. Halo is Microsoft’s flagship title, and although its popularity has waned over the past few years, it still features prominently in all of Microsoft’s marketing. Over the past two decades, this marketing has extended to special edition Halo console versions, some of which have become some of the the most iconic Xbox consoles of all time.

While special edition consoles are nothing new, Nintendo popularized console variants in the 1990s with its many different Game Boy iterationsXbox has had an overwhelming number of special edition variants over the years, with some of the best known being Halo-theme. From the original Xbox to the Xbox Series X, Halo has had a special edition console in each generation.


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Every Special Edition Halo Themed Xbox

Console Halo Reach

The very first Halo-Themed special edition Xbox console, and one of the first limited edition Xbox consoles overall, is the iconic translucent green original Xbox. Released in 2004, approximately 200,000 of these translucent Halo: Advanced Combat-Themed Xbox consoles have been created. Comes with a matching green controller, the Halo logo instead of the Xbox symboland a copy of Halo: Advanced Combatthis bundle is one of the most emblematic in all of Microsoft’s history.

One of the rarest Halo special edition Xbox consoles are the Halo 2 ice blue variant, released in 2005. Essentially just a blue version of Halo: Advanced CombatTranslucent console and controller from , this bundle is lesser known, and tends to fetch a bit more on resale sites. A more expensive version of this Halo 2 a special edition pack was also available, offering an exclusive Halo headset above ice blue console, controller and game.

Released in 2007, the Halo 3 the Xbox 360 Special Edition is another instantly recognizable variant. Much more visually impressive than the last two Halo consoles, this Xbox 360 has a matte green coat, with orange highlights on the hard drive, and a gold disc tray. The sides of the console are also detailed to match the Spartan armor pattern, with crisp lines drawn across the console and the UNSC logo placed on top. This special edition bundle also comes with a matching green wireless controller and headset, the perfect companion for Halo 3online matchmaking.

In 2010, the Halo Range Launch of the Xbox 360. Using the Xbox 360 S as a base, this Halo Range special edition The console boasts one of the sleekest designs of the lot, with metallic silver upholstery and subtle UNSC decals dotted around the sides and front of the console. This special edition came with a wireless headset and two controllers, all featuring the same metallic silver paint job. The Halo Range the console would also play unique themed sounds when ejecting a disc and pressing the power button, such as the Mjolnir armor recharging sound.

With The release of Halo 4 in 2012, another Xbox 360 Special Edition was released. This console features a much bolder visual design, with gray covering most of the console, but a clean blue line emanating from the power button and stretching across the entire console. This same design was present on both controllers in the package and the wired headset. Controller and console lights glow blue instead of green, and the console is miscellaneous Halo noises. A Halo 5: Guardians The Xbox One Special Edition was also released, with 1TB storage and a sleek metallic gray coating on its console and controller. This bundle also included a collectible model and digital rewards.

The most recent Halo special edition console released last year to coincide with Halo20th anniversary. Featuring a very subtle black and gold design, this Xbox Series X special edition features gold trim that resembles Spartan armor and small white dots on a black background that resembles a night sky. The controller included in this special edition bundle features a design similar to Spartan armor, with gray wrapping around the controller, with gold highlights.

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