Discover these new stores + restaurant now open in Texarkana


Have you heard that Texarkana has three new businesses that have recently opened their doors?

Pizza Hut

The first is a new Pizza Hut location on Mall Drive in the old Crave Pizza location. You can dine in, take out or drive through in the new store. Visit them website.

Family dollar

Two new retail stores, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, have opened in the former Ellis Home and Garden location on Summerhill Road. Basically the stores were separated into what was once a large department store, the two retail chains now share the building with one side being Dollar Tree and the other side being Family Dollar.

The Family Dollar side has bigger aisles, more variety than their other stores, a larger freezer section, more groceries, and a $ 1 WOW aisle.

Dollar tree

Dollar Tree continues with its weekly $ 1 WOW deals, but also has a new $ 3 to $ 5 aisle with a variety of home decorations and seasonal merchandise as well as other merchandise. They also have a larger freezer display with a larger grocery section.

So there you go, both stores are now open just in time for the next holiday shopping season. Please visit their websites Dollar tree Where Family dollar for more information and purchase offers.

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