Developer Gunk reveals reason for Xbox console exclusivity


A developer from The Gunk reveals the reason for the game’s Xbox Series X console exclusivity, citing the incredible power of the system.

Image & Form Games, the developer behind Dirt, revealed the reason for the exclusivity of the game on the Xbox Series X and Xbox One consoles. The game will also make its way to PC, but is notably absent on PlayStation consoles and the Switch.

In a blog post, Dirt Developer Brjann Sigurgeirsson revealed that one of the first hurdles was “the developer’s defensive urge to ‘hold back the game’ to ensure Dirt would run comfortably on any platform.” Sigurgeirsson went on to say that choices had to be made, and in the end, the developer decided to pursue “the big vision,” rather than sacrificing game quality for appear on more platforms.


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The team eventually decided to talk to Microsoft about their upcoming hardware, eventually landing a console exclusive deal for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Sigurgeirsson pointed out that the developer was successful in securing framerates strong on previously underpowered hardware, but that the power boost was necessary for the team to fully realize their vision.

Currently, the Xbox One X is the most powerful console available to consumers, although the Xbox Series X will claim that title when it launches later this year, at least when it comes to raw power. Given that the game appears on the Xbox One, it could no doubt run on the PlayStation 5, and likely even the PS4, although the team has likely been offered a deal to keep it on the Xbox platform. .

Although the PlayStation 5 may not seem as powerful as the Xbox Series X, a recent survey revealed that the PlayStation 5 is the more anticipated of the two consoles. Exclusive deals are still a solid way for smaller developers to ensure games are at least somewhat successful, a big part of why so many indie games have moved to Epic Games Store exclusivity on PC. , so the exclusivity deal still makes sense for Image & Form Games.

Xbox has many studios currently working on projects, from relatively small games like Dirt at Obsidian’s New RPG Declared. While exclusives are always a big part of the console debate, Xbox has been pivoting some of them, allowing many of its games to appear on PC. More exclusives will be announced in the future, but fans currently have a lot to look forward to.

Dirt is currently in development for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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Source: Xbox thread

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