Destiny 2 Community Highlights Inconsistency in Player Behavior in PvP and Trials



The Destiny 2 community is debating recent changes to PvP and Judgment of Osiris, but there are inconsistencies in player behavior.

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Destiny 2 remains one of the biggest video games out there, and it combines an ever-changing sandbox with plenty of content from seasons and year-round expansions. Through the game modes Destiny 2 offerings, the one that often ends up sparking debate is PvP, with its regular Crucible playlist and the recently reworked Trials of Osiris. PvP is constantly updated in Destiny 2 thanks to all the sandbox fixes that tweak the meta by adjusting items and abilities based on their performance so far.

The same principle is what Bungie used to determine what was going to be done with Trials of Osiris after the initial Season of the Lost overhaul. Despite the fact that players are still unhappy with the absence of new Destiny 2 With PvP maps arriving in the game before next year, the reworked Trials were able to dramatically increase the PvP population with a revamped reward system and rules. However, changing the rules was always going to be Bungie’s intention in order to keep track of what works and what doesn’t work. Destiny 2 moving forward.

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A Reddit user called White_Stallions shared a post on how Destiny 2The PvP community of would do just about anything not to compete against players with similar skill levels. This refers to the number of players who have complained about the recent changes in Trials of Osiris, where the matchmaking system works in a way that tries to match players with and against others with similar stats. In fact, the post is meant to engage those who embrace this mindset, but it also offers valuable insight as to why this is the case in the first place.

One of the comments explains that one of the biggest issues Trials of Osiris faces is that the rewards are based on dominating matches and losing opponents, which is much easier to achieve against someone who is less qualified. This is further emphasized by the Flawless system, which only allows players with a 7-win streak to access an exclusive area called The Lighthouse for much better rewards. Again, this is much easier to do if players encounter opponents below their skill level.

Removing the Flawless Pool was a big deal Destiny 2 players have been asking Bungie for the past few weeks, and yet now that it’s done, it’s still an issue due to the developer’s solution. Balancing PvP isn’t as easy as you might think, and it’s likely Bungie will need some time to do it right.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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