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As a storyteller, time travel is always a delicate subject to tackle. Whether you are preparing a two hour movie or developing a great interactive experience, there is a lot to consider. Are there any glaring paradoxes that make the basic concept too frustrating to be fun? Does this muddy the basic story and experience too much? Is it even necessary? There is a lot to consider.

But it is clear that when it comes to creating the story behind Death loop, Arkane studios threw all caution to the wind to create a bonkers first-person shooter that has just one concern – giving players a ton of different ways to kill their targets.


The 1960s frame of Death loop is an alternative to New generation, full of high-tech gear and baddies that need a good punch. Players take control of Colt Vahn, an assassin tasked with killing eight targets known as Visionaries on the stroke of midnight. The trap ? If he fails, Colt’s day resets and he must cross the mysterious Blackreef Island from the start.

Whether he leaves a target alive or falls victim to one of his many pursuers, Colt’s efforts are dashed and he returns to square one. For gamers, this could be as frustrating as it sounds, but Death loop offers engaging gameplay, a unique range of characters and ArkaneThe characteristic blend of shooter and power helps take this shooter from a repetitive task to something quite memorable.


As with most Arkanethe games of, Death loop is a wonderful mix of fast-paced combat and careful consideration of the skills and abilities that will get the job done. While a firefight can ensue, Cole is also a master at the art of hiding, giving him time to decide how to approach each situation.

Fortunately, time is on the player’s side as there is no clock. Instead, Colt’s day progresses as players progress through the story, so choosing how to end the lives of their targets can be done as they see fit.

Time is definitely needed because each of Colt’s six skills is particularly fun and functional. A few extra skills would have been nice, although players get access to a new ability when playing Colt’s antagonist Julianna Blake in multiplayer.

Weapons and Abilities

When not casting abilities at their enemy, players will be using an assortment of guns. It’s not a big library, but weapons like the Large Caliber Rapier and shotgun-type Vopat Trencher offer decent variety.

To increase variety, weapons can also be equipped with modifiers, or trinkets, which can increase reload speed, accuracy, and fire speed or add effects on enemies like delayed regeneration.

Even Colt can be equipped with Trinkets, which are used to increase his power regeneration rates, maximum health, hack speeds, and more. There are quite a few additional character trinkets to work with, and like weapon trinkets, most have three levels that improve efficiency, so there’s quite a bit of customization to play with.

Scenario and visuals

With games like Prey and Dishonored in his wheelhouse, Arkane has shown he can weave complex and immersive narrative stories. Unfortunately, Death loop‘s the story is among the weakest in the studio.

While it must seem unique, it’s easy to get a sense of familiarity, especially as the story takes a turn we’ve seen before. However, Colt, Julianna, and the people of Blackreef are developed enough to keep players engaged as the story progresses.

With the exception of its occasional blips, frame rate drops, and technical flaws that marred its launch, Death loop is a smooth shooter with a delightful aesthetic. The 1960s setting wasn’t quite necessary, but it certainly helps with a visual and narrative style reminiscent of classic spy movies of the time, with an appropriate soundtrack.

Blackreef is alive with all the elements one would expect from a secret base, and it creates an entertaining yet stimulating atmosphere with rather obnoxious turrets, security doors, and cameras. It doesn’t take much to fall victim to other visionaries, and caution is absolutely recommended when approaching an area full of dangers and enemies.


While the solo aspect is the focus of Death loop, Arkane has developed a multiplayer experience that allows players to take control of Julianna. As the villain, players step into another player’s game and do their best to keep Colt from stopping the time loop.

This isn’t entirely a game-changer, although Julianna has a unique skill and there is no real punishment for failing. When you die, you jump into another game and wreak havoc.

Final Notes

Death loop isn’t the revolutionary new generation needed to drive PS5 sales, but it’s definitely the kind of game every PS5 owner should at least try out. It’s a beautiful title that uses hardware wonderfully, although not a remarkable increase from the height of last-gen games. Abilities erupt with sparkles of color, and the world is vibrant and well-textured, though the firefights can be a bit more punchy.

Arkane fans will absolutely feel the developer’s plan, although it isn’t as strong as in Dishonored. That being said, if there was more content released or even a sequel, there would be a lot of excitement coming back. You should experience the game for yourself, stock up on your gaming products at OffGamers this way and get the game today!

Developer: Arkane Studios

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, also on their way to Xbox in 2022

Revised on PC

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