Dead by Daylight Dev could be working on an Xbox console exclusive game


Death by the light of day has been one of the biggest surprise hits of the past five years. The multiplayer horror game, originally released in 2016, has established itself among a wave of asymmetric horror titles and has thus secured licensed partnerships with franchises including Halloween, Freddy, Seen, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Hellraiser. Five years later, fans are wondering what Behavior Interactive’s next big post will be.Death by the light of day project could be. The answer, it seems, may be an Xbox console exclusive.

Vigilant Death by the light of day fans seem to have combed the Behavior Interactive employee lists on LinkedIn for clues as to what the studio might be working on next. In their research, they discovered a list for level designer Jérôme Cyr, who has worked for Behavior for five years now, but never on Death by the light of day. Cyr’s most recent addition to his Behavior experience is his work on an “unannounced AAA project”, in which he worked on level layout and combat encounters. What is particularly interesting about this project are the platforms for which it is listed.

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The unannounced AAA Project of Cyr’s Experiment is apparently made for PC and Xbox One. Unlike another of Cyr’s listed projects, there is no question of working on other platforms, whether Nintendo, PlayStation or mobile. In other words, the list implies that one of Behavior’s next projects could be done in partnership with Xbox. There hasn’t been an official announcement to that effect, of course, so any potential plans for Xbox-exclusive behavior would be considered a full rumor at this point.

The idea of ​​an Xbox-exclusive game from Behavior Interactive is not outrageous. The success of Death by the light of day cannot be denied, and with it Behavior’s ability to deliver live multiplayer play. As Death by the light of day begins to age and Behavior looks to the sequel, a publisher like Xbox wanting to secure its next exclusive project seems in line with the platform’s goals.

Having said that, it bears repeating that Cyr is not listed as having experience on the Death by the light of day team. This new project, whether it’s an Xbox exclusive or not, appears to be managed entirely by a separate team at Behavior. Death by the light of dayThe development of continues, after all.

The future of Behavior Interactive remains entirely a mystery. If there really is an Xbox exclusive game in development, it’s not at all clear what form it takes. Maybe the behavior would take his attention away from Death by the light of day to support this new game, maybe he would try to support the ongoing development of both games, or maybe there’s more to the project than it looks. Anyway, fans of Death by the light of day we will have to wait for a next announcement to find out more.

Death by the light of day is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and mobile devices.

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