Dataminers think codename ‘Keystone’ could point to new Xbox console


Xbox Series X/S consoles haven’t been out for too long, but it might be worth looking into the future to see what Microsoft might be working on. Mysteries and intrigue, sometimes video games can conjure up these, and many of us like to ponder what it all means, especially when it comes to console codenames. The latest entry of mysterious signs and symbols in video games comes courtesy of a dataminer digging up a deep-rooted word in data mines.

Could it be that Microsoft is already considering a new console? A dataminer named Tero Alhonen claims to have discovered a new Xbox product, codenamed “Keystone” (thanks GamesRadar). It is certainly a suggestive word, implying something important, vital and ecosystem capping. Could it be something along the lines of the supercharged Xbox One X? An Xbox Series X One X?


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In the highlighted part of mine, Keystone is listed as a “product” and what lends credence to the speculation is that “Keystone” is listed directly under “Durango” and “Scarlett”. Indeed, Microsoft has already used codenames for its consoles. Project Scarlett was announced at E3 in 2019 and was eventually revealed as the codename for Xbox Series X. Meanwhile, “Durango” was a codename for Xbox One.

Of course, this is all speculative and we’re all wondering just how close this word is to a few other words. But those other words turned out to be quite meaningful in the end. We don’t quite know what “Keystone” means yet, but it’s awfully enticing. And that it’s next to the codenames for Xbox Series X and Xbox One is very suggestive.

Microsoft didn’t hint at anything new, but it’s worth considering that console makers plan ahead and often years in advance so it may turn out, years in the future, that Keystone paved the way for a revamped Xbox Series X. With previous gen seeing beefed up specs in the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, it could turn out to be something along those lines. Or maybe even a new iteration we haven’t thought of yet…

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