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Hello, Giant Bomb community. Welcome to the latest edition of Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host as we take a look back at the best community-created deals of the week. Before we get to that, we need to discuss housekeeping related to the site. First of all, many thanks to Dave Lang for streaming for Giant Bomb’s Extra Life team and raising over $ 50,000! If you missed the fun, remember that the donation pages are open until December 31, 2021.

In terms of premium content, this week has had two big announcements. First, last Monday saw the debut of the voicemail dump truck. If you enjoyed Ben’s voicemail messages during the main podcast, they made it into their own premium show. Second, Jan is guided through the first game Silent Hill by Jess in a new show called “Run for the Hills”. Ultimately, premium subscriptions will be a sale until the end of the year. If you need a gift for another Giant Bomb fan, look no further.

Amazing work from Lang all around!

LINKS Extra Life 2021!

Once again, a big thank you to Twitch HQ for this very generous donation!
Once again, a big thank you to Twitch HQ for this very generous donation!

Giant Bomb Extra Life Team Page (By: @marino)

Giant Bomb Individual Donation Page

Giant Discord Bomb Donation Page

Giant Bomb Extra-Life Worksheet

Alright everyone, this will probably be the last time I put a dedicated Extra Life section in the community spotlight. First of all, remember that Dave Lang wants donations for his feed to go to Giant Bomb’s Extra Life account. Second, don’t forget that the Giant Bomb Discord is also having an event and hopes to raise $ 2,069. Finally, if you want to see a spreadsheet showing who has collected the most donations, Marino is here for you.


Giant Bomb Premium is on sale now! (Through: Giant bomb)

As mentioned before, Giant Bomb premium is ON SALE until the end of the year! It’s also worth mentioning that Jess and her company had fun editing this HILARIOUS infomercial. The editing is simply spectacular.



Demolish Dick – How a True Domestic Terrorist Spawned a Rogue Warrior, One of the Worst Video Games Ever Made (By: @lostsol)

I remember having friends in high school who loved the Rogue Warrior book.
I remember having friends in high school who loved the Rogue Warrior book.

LostSol noticed that Rogue Warrior was circulating the Internet as a game “so bad it’s good”. So, they wrote a MASSIVE Giant Bomb essay on why the game should be condemned for supporting Richard Marcinko, a national terrorist born in the country.

I’m not lying when I say maybe it is . It is an absolute must!

Past Future: A Halo: Combat Evolved Retrospective (By: @ gamer_152)

It has now been over twenty years to the day since the release of Halo: Combat Evolved. Here is the level-by-level breakdown of moderator Gamer_152 of the historic title that forever changed the nature of action games

Indie game of the week 246: Cathedral (By: @mento)

Moderator Mento checked out Cathedral for the latest episode of his Indie Game of the Week blog! Find out why they think it’s a solid, but not perfect, option for Shovel Knight fans.

What is the best video game: all walls must fall (By: @ imunbeatable80)

imunbeatable80 takes on All Walls Must Fall for the last episode of their “What’s the Greatest Video Game” series! Use the link to find out why they think this might be one of the worst games they’ve ever played!

Far Cry 3 looks like a draft of the Ubisoft formula and I haven’t really enjoyed my time with it (By: @bigsocrates)

Absolutely mind-blowing research work from LostSol
Absolutely mind-blowing research work from LostSol

A lot has been said about Far Cry 6 being “more or less the same”, and Bigsocrats used it as an excuse to go back to Far Cry 3 to see if this was the game that solidified the “Far Cry model” for them. future entries in the series.

Review: Door Kickers: Action Squad (By: @woodroez)

Woodroez recently picked up Door Kickers: Action Squad and finally finished the game a few days ago. Use the link to read why they think it doesn’t reward the player for their intelligence.

Discussion threads

Favorite franchise whose * Whoops * you never beat a game? (By: @sometingbanuble)

Surprisingly, people seem to be enjoying Forza Horizon 5.
Surprisingly, people seem to be enjoying Forza Horizon 5.

Here’s a fun forum thread about everyone’s favorite video game series you’ve never completed a game in! Popular community picks include Dragon Quest, Need for Speed, and Persona.

Why aren’t there more games as enjoyable as the Forza Horizon series? There should be. (By: @bigsocrates)

Giant Bomb users have a BLAST with Forza Horizon 5 and this has started a discussion about game franchises that attempt to provide a relentless “enjoyable” or “fun” experience. Can you think of any other games like this?

Have you ever purchased G-Fuel video links by Youtuber on player channels (By: @topcyclist)

I want to reach 4% in this poll.  Who hurt you?
I want to reach 4% in this poll. Who hurt you?

This is an extremely important discussion to have until the thermal death of the universe: have you ever bought G-Fuel after all their ads and recommendations on Twitch and YouTube?

50 Cent Blood On The Sand made backwards compatible on Xbox (and a few other stuff. And Halo Infinite Multi now.) (By: @bigsocrates)

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original Xbox, Microsoft has added over 70 new games to its Backward Compatibility Library! One of the most notable entries, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, is a well-known “classic”.

Your most favorite console splash screens of all time? (By: @gtxforza)

This start-up or the 360 ​​are probably
This start-up or the 360 ​​are probably “those”.

All of these “classic” video game birthdays have the poetry of the giant bomb on the console’s splash screens. What are your all-time favorite console splash screens?

Happy 15th anniversary of the Nintendo Wii! (By: @gtxforza)

The Wii is 15 years old! What are your favorite memories of the console and its MANY games? Share your console nostalgia with the rest of the community using the link above!

Happy 20th anniversary from the original Xbox console! (By: @gtxforza)

As Usher put it best.  Happy Birthday Xbox.
As Usher put it best. Happy Birthday Xbox.

Speaking of video game birthdays, join the rest of the community in celebrating the 20th anniversary of the original Xbox! Share your memories with the console and your favorite games!

2021: the year of replay? (By: @tartyron)

Many Giant Bomb users point out that 2021 was a year in which they replayed many games from their past. Was last year a “Review year“for you? Why or why not?

Does anyone still play League of Legends: Wild Rift? (By: @ jpon87)

Are there any users still playing League of Legends: Wild Rift? Whether you are a fan of Wild Rift or the full game, share your position regarding the game and its attempt to make League acceptable to the general public.

Which 2022-2023 movies you can’t wait to watch (By: @gtxforza)

Of course, let's relive the old coin-to-coin debate.
Of course, let’s relive the old coin-to-coin debate.

Are there any users who are excited about the films slated for release in 2022-2023? What film are you passionate about and why are you eager to see it? Use the link above and share your choices!

At the time, what was your arcade allowance? (By: @sometingbanuble)

For those of you in the Giant Bomb community who remember arcades, what was your usual coin or token allocation / allocation? Were you a great player or were you stuck with the stupid change?


You gave me random video game characters and I ranked them from best to worst (By: @ dnemitz42)

That fucking guy ...
That fucking guy …

I know I promoted it last week, but this list is worth repeating. Giant Bomb user dnemitz42 does a little social experiment where he ranks every character that is suggested to him in the comments of his list. So far, they’re now 18 characters deep with a few “SPICY” takes.

Wiki page recommendations

Okay everyone, awhile ago you might remember Giant Bomb’s “Wiki page of the weekSome have pointed out that functionality is no longer on the front page, and I’m here to tell you to “relax.” The functionality is far from dead, but it needs it! The staff want your suggestions list that will rotate weekly! As with everything on the Community Spotlight, self-promotion is ENCOURAGED!


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