Community reacts as Xbox outsells PlayStation in Japan based on weekly sales


Xbox and PlayStation have been part of console wars that have spanned decades. Each console has its strengths and areas of dominance, but the territories might change for the first time.

According to a report from Famitsu, Microsoft’s next-gen console has overtaken Sony by more than twice in Japan. This has led the community to react with bewilderment as it is not a common realization. Traditionally, PlayStations led the way for most of the decade in Japan.

The recent event may have resulted from the global shortage of chips, as the hardware industry is still affected by it. In the meantime, Xbox has had an advantage with its dual SKU policy.

Although the Series S may be underpowered compared to two other top models, it helps Microsoft better alleviate the shortage. Whatever the reasons, many members of the community reacted to this historic event.

Video game community reacts as Xbox outsells PlayStation in Japan

Whatever the exact reason that may have led to this result, it’s a great moment for Xbox. PlayStation has dominated Japan since the release of the first generation of consoles. Naturally, several members of the community reacted to the news in their own way.

The unimaginable has happened! THE XBOX SERIES OVERSOLD THE PS5 IN JAPAN THIS WEEK ACCORDING TO FAMITSU SALES FIGURES! Xbox Series – 6,225 units (XSS – 6,120) VS PS5 – 2,693 units! I felt that might happen last week, but it’s not. It happened this week! 👀

The existence of the S-series has often been stated by many to be the differentiating factor. Although underpowered by comparison, it is easier to manufacture and has been useful in increasing sales in the midst of a global crisis.

Another person added that the price of the Series S could be the reason for its help in sales.

The Series S is a great option even for those who own the PlayStation as their primary console. The smaller Xbox console works as a perfect backup console, especially for those who want to take advantage of Game Pass.

Although the real reason is the supply shortage, one member still feels that the achievement is still quite noticeable. This is purely based on PlayStation and Xbox history as it relates to Japan.

A person is a bit skeptical and thinks it’s too early to celebrate the achievement. The person feels that the recent decisions made by Xbox are correct, but they are still the world underdogs.

Another person also feels happy for Microsoft and its consoles, but simultaneously feels the numbers are misleading since PlayStation is suffering from a global shortage.

An even more remarkable take is the fact that Microsoft’s next-gen console has surpassed its previous console sales in Japan in a much shorter time.

Some believe this is due to the simple fact that one console is backwards compatible while the other is not.

It would be wrong to dismiss the fact that Sony suffered from a shortage of stock. She even had to revise her initial targets to go down from the previously forecast numbers. This led to Microsoft getting a wonderful opportunity and it remains to be seen if the US console can take advantage of it.

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