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Battlefield 2042 could give one last chance at redemption with the game supposedly coming to Xbox Game Pass. Although the exact news is unofficial, there are indications on social media that this could very well be the case.

According to a report from xgp, a screenshot of the game displayed with the Xbox Game Pass tag has been revealed. While the official reveal is still awaited, fans and gamers have reacted to the potential news.

It would seem quite surprising for gamers to think that the latest Battlefield game will enter Game Pass in such a short time. When analyzing the reasons, the results are quite clear. Nothing went as planned for EA and DICE, and player retention has been incredibly difficult. The attempt to enter the Xbox Game Pass will be the last roll of the dice from the developers.

Battlefield 2042 players react to potential rumors of game entering Xbox Game Pass

Earlier on April 29, Twitter user Idle Sloth revealed a screenshot that looked like Battlefield 2042 would be entering Xbox Game Pass. EA reportedly discussed this decision in the past and considered moving to free play.

Getting into Xbox Game Pass won’t do exactly that, but it will open up the game to a playerbase of 20 million.

While the decision may make sense from EA’s perspective, the player base isn’t happy. One player said it was worse for those paying more for seasonal content. The promised content hasn’t arrived yet, and it looks like the game will go free before it happens.

(Image via u//Reddit)
(Image via u//Reddit)

The sentiment seems worse for those who got the Ultimate Edition which cost $120 at launch.

For some players, they didn’t ask for a refund on time, which equates to lessons learned. It’s highly likely that the issues with Battlefield 2042 could deter purchases of future titles online.

The issue of game refunds has been a huge controversy as there has been a petition with over 200,000 signatures asking for refunds. For some players, it looks worse as their refund requests have been rejected twice in the past.

What’s worse for much of the fan base is the fact that the game goes free even before deluxe/ultimate edition owners can get the seasonal content.

For the most part, it’s pretty clear that the decision is made to revive the player base. Battlefield 2042’s player base has shrunk to a paltry number, at least on Steam.

For some, the decision to enter Xbox Game Pass was always going to happen thanks to the game’s availability on EA Play.

For some players, playing the game for free will always be a huge waste of time.

For some, they decided to refund Battlefield 2042 when it launched in poor condition. Their prior knowledge that the game would be coming to Xbox Game Pass was also a deciding factor.

For some, the dire state of the game has been such that they don’t want to try it despite it being available at no extra cost through Xbox Game Pass.

Battlefield 2042 entering the Xbox Game Pass is quite an interesting saga, and it will be tempting to see what will happen in the future of the game. There was no doubt that the game would enter the services of EA Play and Microsoft, following the path of old Battlefield games.

However, the game being added to the service so soon seems to bother many.

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