Chivalry 2 is now available on Xbox Games Pass alongside Enhanced Content Update


Torn Banner Studios and Tripwire Presents bring mounted combat to the front lines of battle and present Chivalry 2: King’s Edition.

There’s never been a better time to join the ultimate medieval battleground in Chivalry 2. Publisher Tripwire Presents and developer Torn Banner Studios are thrilled to announce that the award-winning multiplayer hit, Chivalry 2, is joining Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass starting today. Players can also expect to arm themselves with the new dual-wielding weapon Katars and chaotic battles in the all-new Hippodrome of Chivalry 2 map: Reinforced Content Update is now available for all supported platforms , including PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 computer entertainment systems, Xbox One family of devices, and Xbox Series X|S console systems.

New map: Hippodrome (Team Deathmatch/Free-for-All). Designed from the ground up to introduce the new mounted combat feature first introduced with the Chivalry 2: Tenosian Invasion content update, Hippodrome takes place in an arena full of danger and peril with spike traps and flamethrowers – and features open spaces, providing plenty of opportunities for horseback jousting and spear charges.

new weapon: The Katars. The first dual-wielding weapon to join the world of Chivalry 2, katars are a matched pair of deadly, piercing daggers for quick attacks at close range. Designed for the Ambusher class, it is a very fast dagger weapon that does not interrupt opponents. It also encourages the player wielding it to have good footwork and use dodges, as it has very weak block. Katars make an excellent engaging weapon, allowing ambushers to get behind enemy lines and easily cut down heavily armored fighters.

Mounted Combat Map Updates: The Chivalry 2 community asked for more heckling, so Torn Banner Studios delivered, adding existing mounted combat maps The Raid on Aberfell (Team Objective) and The Siege of Rudhelm (Team Objective).

Plus, new players and veterans alike can answer the call to arms with Chivalry 2: King’s Edition. On sale today for $59.99 for PC platforms (via Steam and the Epic Games Store) and coming to consoles soon in October, Chivalry 2: King’s Edition comes with exclusive cosmetic armor made famous by the fierce bosses faction from the first Chivalry: Medieval Warfare as well as in-game currency and premium currency. Chivalry 2 players can also upgrade their edition of the game to Chivalry 2: King’s Edition for $9.99 of the Chivalry 2 Special Edition or $19.99 of the base Chivalry 2 game.


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