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OAKLAND – Staff at the Ruth Enlow Library, Garrett County’s public library system, offer monthly reviews of books currently available for loan.

“The Last Bookshop in London: A World War II Novel”

“The Last Bookshop in London” is a historical fictional book set in London during World War II. Grace and her best friend moved to London in 1939 hoping to work in stores full of fine merchandise. Without a letter of recommendation, however, Grace is forced to work in a bookstore with a grumpy old man. She’s not even a book lover. As the war looms, Grace begins to clean up and revamp the bookstore and begins to meet different people in the community, including someone who introduces her to a classic novel and begins her new love for literature. While this novel includes many horrors that are a part of war, it was written in a way that captures the good that can come in the midst of tragedy. It’s a story that emphasizes the beauty of community, redemption, and how books can help us in the most difficult situations.

“The Ultimate History of Video Games, Volume 2: Nintendo, Sony and the Billion Dollar Battle to Shape Modern Gaming”

This book is (obviously) a follow-up to an excellent previous story written in 2001, and takes the story back to around 2012, describing the period between the launch of the Sega Dreamcast and the end of the Xbox 360 / Playstation 4 / Wii generation. The video game industry during this period grew to staggering size, eclipsing movies, music, and even sports. With the stakes higher than ever, the companies that dominated the scene constantly fought to position themselves and absorbed smaller studios to become real mastodons. This volume chronicles their triumphs, missteps, and the unpredictable changes that killed the arcade and Sega’s hardware ambitions, spawned a technological arms race and ended with the Wii underpowered as the smartphone market shrank. looming in the future. The book also discusses the rise of Electronic Arts and Activision as massive (and often hated) entities and the history of the often strained relationship between movies and games. Highly recommended to anyone interested in the game.

“Not a happy family: a novel”

Shari Lapena has made a name for himself in recent years for his national thrillers, which makes him a great thriller. Fred and Sheila Merton live in an upscale community and are very wealthy. But money cannot buy everything, and the family is far from functional and normal with a vindictive father and neglectful mother. The Mertons are found brutally murdered in their home after an Easter dinner with their three grown children and loved ones. The children are devastated, but are they? They will each inherit millions of dollars and be fixed for life. With so many people having a motive, who killed the Mertons, and why? This mystery will leave you guessing until the end.


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