BT broadband customers can now play hundreds of Xbox games for FREE


Xbox fans could get a full year of free games thanks to a deal from BT. The broadband company just announced the launch of a new offering that includes the popular Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at no additional cost.

For those who don’t know, this Microsoft subscription plan allows Xbox console owners to play over 100 games for a small monthly fee with new titles added regularly.

There are other benefits to this Ultimate option as well, including the ability to play games on mobile devices and PCs. And don’t think for a minute that this plan includes aging games that you won’t want to play as part of Games Pass, you get access to titles like FIFA 21, Forza 4, and Halo: The Master Chief Collection – there are even has access to Microsoft’s new Flight Simulator.

This premium version of the streaming service typically costs £ 10.99 per month, but BT offers it free for a year to anyone who signs up for its Full Fiber Max 900 broadband. This is the best broadband in the world. the company with users also processed at speeds of around 1 Gbps – at that rate it would only take seven minutes to download a hit title to your console.

If Full Fiber Max 900 sounds too fast, it’s also possible to get six months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate through Full Fiber Max 500.

This plan offers speeds of around 500 Mbps, which is still around seven times faster than the current UK average.


BT Fiber 900 – £ 54.99 per month

BT Fiber 500 – £ 44.99 per month

Even if you already have BT broadband and are contractually bound, you can still get a discount with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for £ 10 per month through the MyBT account – that’s a savings of $ 1 £.

In other broadband news, now there is a way to get super fast broadband on a budget. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Hyperoptic offers its best 1 Gbps speeds for just £ 20 per month – that’s a saving of £ 40. This high-speed technology allows you to download a blockbuster movie in Full HD in less than 40 seconds.

This offer ends on October 20, so don’t delay if you too take advantage of this huge savings.


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