Bethesda Indiana Jones game reportedly not an Xbox console exclusive


The Indiana Jones game developed by Bethesda’s MachineGames would not be a console exclusive to Xbox when it finally arrives.

IndianaJones has once again become a topic of conversation following the recent announcement of the fifth IndianaJones film. This sparked a discussion about whether the IndianaJones The MachineGames-developed video game will make an appearance during this year’s Bethesda Summer Games Showcase. In turn, it’s now claimed that despite Microsoft acquiring MachineGames as part of the ZeniMax deal, its IndianaJones the game will not be exclusive to the Xbox console.


The report comes from Windows Central’s Jez Corden, who explained what he heard about the IndianaJones game while discussing possible titles that could appear at this year’s Xbox/Bethesda summer event. His comments are short and simple. Corden says he heard the IndianaJones the video game is not exclusive to the Xbox console. However, he mentions that he heard this news a year ago, which opens up the possibility that things may have changed in the year since.

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MachineGames’ IndianaJones The game was first announced in January 2021. A 30-second trailer was released confirming that Bethesda and MachineGames were working with Lucasfilm Games to create a new IndianaJones title, but nothing else was shared at the time or in the months that followed. Notably absent from the announcement was any information about the platforms IndianaJones would eventually be released on.

The announcement of early 2021 and the lack of information led to serious questions regarding the platforms IndianaJones would support at its eventual launch. Indeed, Microsoft’s acquisition of Zenimax, which included Bethesda and MachineGames, did not complete until March 2021. As such, Bethesda could have entered into platform partnerships before Microsoft took over the plan. business of IndianaJoneswhich Microsoft would then be required to complete.

Nothing indicates that IndianaJones will be a PlayStation exclusive, or whatever. It looks like IndianaJones will be a cross-platform release for Xbox and PlayStation when it arrives, however. It’s not so bad for video game fans, but Xbox would definitely have preferred to have IndianaJones as a console exclusive to attract players to the platform.

Xbox will still be able to capitalize on IndianaJones in various ways, of course. It should still be able to launch IndianaJones on Xbox Game Pass as a day one version for PC and Xbox, if he chooses to do so. As to when IndianaJones can expect to find out more, the Xbox and Bethesda Summer Games Showcase is scheduled for June 12. IndianaJones could make an appearance there.

IndianaJones is currently in development.

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