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Below we’ve put together a list of our own favorite free games to guide you through some of the highlights of what’s currently available on the Xbox ecosystem and, while many of these titles have microtransactions, trinkets, and optional cosmetics. to buy with real money you will find that all of the games below provide tons of fun without requiring you to spend a dime.

Apex Legends (Xbox One)

Apex Legends (Xbox One)

Editor: Electronic arts / Developer: Respawn entertainment

Release date: February 4, 2019 (United States)

Developed by Respawn Entertainment, 2019 Apex Legends I felt like he had come out of nowhere to take the free-to-play shooter genre by storm. A sleek, stylish and dynamic team-based offering, it introduced a fantastic ping system that facilitates proper strategic teamwork without the need to use a headset.

Apex Legends has continued to grow and evolve since its release and its fast-paced matches have always completely hooked us into its brand of crazy, character-driven action. This is a game focused on mobility, which is not much of a surprise from the creators of Fall of the Titans, and the improvements it makes to the genre in that regard help elevate a core gameplay loop that has certainly gotten a little tired at this point into something that still feels 100% fresh and addicting.

With a total of seventeen excellent Legends to master at last count, each with their own unique story, skills, and abilities – all of which can be unlocked just by playing the game – there are a ton of gloriously strategic, fast-paced strategies. some chewable shooting action here.

Brawlhalla (Xbox One)

Brawlhalla (Xbox One)Brawlhalla (Xbox One)

Editor: Ubisoft / Developer: Blue mammoth games

Release date: November 6, 2018 (United States)

Blue Mammoth Games’ 2D platform fighting game arrived on consoles in October 2017, bringing Smash Bros-esque hijinks to the masses in a surprisingly solid free-to-play effort.

With multiple game modes to choose from, including online and local multiplayer, 53 playable characters, tons of cosmetics, and full cross-play across all platforms available, there is plenty to do here for fans of brawlers out there. want to deal with blowing their enemies into oblivion – and all for the princely sum of zero earth pounds.

Call of Duty: Warzone (Xbox One)

Call of Duty: Warzone (Xbox One)Call of Duty: Warzone (Xbox One)

Editor: Activision

Release date: March 10, 2020 (United States)

No list of free games would be truly complete without the Battle Royale giant from Activision. War zone is one of the most skillful shooters around, a huge amount of fun in solo or team fights, he mixes the best elements of the BR genre with the tight shooter of the Call of Duty franchise for incredible effect .

There’s a dizzying amount of knickknacks, chunks, and bobs available for purchase with real world money when you start this one, but the most important thing here is that it doesn’t have to be. to just jump in and have a good time.

With up to 150 players on its ever-changing map at all times and all kinds of special events and content drops happening on a regular basis, Warzone remains one of our absolute favorite shooting experiences some seventeen months after its release. initial launch.

Repression / Repression 2

Repression / Repression 2Repression / Repression 2

Developer: Thug games

Release date: To be determined

They might get a bit long in the tooth at this point, but there is no doubt that both Repression 2 and its predecessor are more than worth the bet, especially when the purchase cost is zero.

The Xbox Game Studios series offers gamers massive third-person sandboxes in a GTA-inspired world where chaos and destruction has been reduced to 11. Yes, the story might not be the best. and the music isn’t a patch on his most obvious inspirations, but touring Pacific City as an overpowered law enforcer is still extremely enjoyable throwaway fun that’s perfect for a few hours of insane, drunken entertainment. action.

Dauntless (Xbox One)

Dauntless (Xbox One)Dauntless (Xbox One)

Editor: Epic games / Developer: Phoenix Laboratories

Release date: May 21, 2019 (United States)

Fans of Capcom’s Monster Hunter series, or anyone who just enjoys hitting big beasts with massive weapons, should definitely give Phoenix Labs free action RPG a boost.

Intrepid Takes the core gameplay elements of Monster Hunter and strips them down to their basics, throwing players in huge chunks against screen-shaking behemoths while taking out much of the hustle and bustle of the famous franchise of Capcom.

Yes, it lacks the depth of its most obvious inspiration, it doesn’t have a story to fall back on or the same level of world-building, but what Dauntless does it does well, offering a lot of progression, for customization and big beast fighting.

With plenty of well-designed brutes to face, three different biomes to explore, and cross-platform multiplayer, there are hours of nifty monster hunting to stick with this one.

DC Universe Online (Xbox One)

DC Universe Online (Xbox One)DC Universe Online (Xbox One)

Editor: Dawn game company / Developer: Dawn game company

Release date: April 29, 2016 (United States) / April 29, 2016 (UK / EU)

Super hero ! Everyone loves them, right? Well, given the constant barrage of films based on various Marvel and DC franchises, that would certainly appear to be the case.

Originally released in 2011, when the superhero movie craze may have been at its peak, DC Universe Online The action MMO allows players to create their own original character using all kinds of powers and models borrowed from DC’s vast collection of heroes, with which they can then bond with the huge world of the game.

There is an accumulated wealth of content here at this point in the life of the game, an absolute ton of add-ons, DLC, enhancements, and refinements all come together to provide a whole universe of superhero hijinks that are all centered around surprisingly dynamic combat action.

If you are a DC fan, or a fan of superheroes in general, there is a whole world waiting for you to immerse yourself here!

Destiny 2 (Xbox One)

Destiny 2 (Xbox One)Destiny 2 (Xbox One)

Editor: Bungie / Developer: Bungie

Release date: October 1, 2019 (United States)

Bungie’s epic looter-shooter sequel may not have seen the greatest of its beginnings, but, in the years since, Destiny 2 has slowly been shaped in the game, maybe it should have been at launch.

When it comes to looter shooters these days, this one really is some of the best. With a surprisingly well-crafted sci-fi setting, tons of lore and content to explore, some of the best loot in the business, intense multiplayer raids, and top-notch Bungie gameplay mechanics that underpin it all, it’s is a shooting game which you pretty much need to check out.

Destiny 2 free New Light variant gives you a ton of campaign stories to immerse yourself in, awesome PvP in the form of excellent Crucible mode, strikes, all in-game destinations, patrols, public events and more.

Yes, you will eventually reach a point where you have to dig in your pockets if you want to continue the story and see all that the world of Destiny 2 has to offer now, but there are potentially hundreds of hours of action to spare. smooth shot to get stuck here before you reach that crossroads. It’s time to dress up Guardian!

Dead or Alive 5: Final Round (Xbox One)

Dead or Alive 5: Final Round (Xbox One)Dead or Alive 5: Final Round (Xbox One)

Editor: Koei Tecmo / Developer: Koei Tecmo

Release date: February 17, 2015 (United States) / February 20, 2015 (UK / EU)

Team Ninja’s flashy fighter is a hugely expensive proposition if you plan on going all-in and spending real money on its endless array of characters, skimpy outfits, and unlockable modes and features.

However, stick with the base game here, forget about all the fluff and get stuck in what’s on offer for free, and you’ve got super solid, smooth, and surprisingly strategic fighting action that uses rock, scissors, paper style. Great effect “triangle system”, giving his fights a super interesting tilt. Just try not to develop an addiction to the skimpy costume pack.

Fallout Shelter (Xbox One)

Fallout Shelter (Xbox One)Fallout Shelter (Xbox One)

Editor: Bethesda Softworks

Release date: February 7, 2017 (United States)

If you’ve ever wanted to micro-manage your own post-apocalyptic underground vault, Fallout shelter just might be right on your irradiated street.

In this Fallout spin-off, you’ll need to make sure you balance a myriad of factors in order to ensure the survival of your dwellers from the Vault, from the construction of power plants, to processing facilities, to cafes, to neighborhoods. housing, etc. while defending your expanding home from looters and invaders.

There might not be the most satisfying endgame, and there are all kinds of boosters and trinkets to end up spending real money, but if you’re looking for a fun little business simulation based on a pretty rad (pun intended) universe, Fallout Shelter brings a lot of fun for zero pennies.

Fortnite (Xbox One)

Fortnite (Xbox One)Fortnite (Xbox One)

Editor: Epic games / Developer: Epic games

Release date: July 25, 2017 (United States) / July 25, 2017 (UK / EU)

Probably the biggest game on the planet right now, Epic’s free monster is a clever combination of your typical looter shooting action mixed with a very inventive on-the-fly construction mechanic.

There are three distinct game modes here, with Co-op Tower Defense, Creative Mode, and – our personal favorite – Battle Royale all in the mix. by fortnite The main strength is its fast-paced tactical gameplay, combined with an ever-changing world that constantly hosts spectacular events of all kinds.

This is a super sleek and super accessible shooter whose colorful world, larger-than-life characters, and the constant procession of expensive special events have kept us fully hooked into its world since 2017. Yes, there is. has a hundred different ways to spend a ton of money in Fortnite but, if you plan to keep your purse strings tight, you’ll find a game that guarantees you a good time without having to spend a dime.


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