Best female villains in Xbox games


Microsoft’s line of Xbox consoles have had their fair share of memorable moments in the console market. The original Xbox was a great console and a step in the right direction, with the Xbox 360’s amazing user interface and groundbreaking online play making it the console of choice for many gamers around the world. While the Xbox One launch was mishandled, Microsoft bounced back by rolling back some changes and integrating more user-friendly features before improving accessibility to their consoles with the Xbox Series X and Series S.

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Microsoft pushed the Xbox brand with its fair share of exclusives and high-profile releases that helped elevate their respective consoles by making them look absolutely content-laden. These consoles have had their fair share of memorable female villains worth checking out, with the best of the bunch mentioned below.


8/8 Alma (Ninja Gaiden)

Gaiden ninja is a game known to be quite challenging, with Team Ninja doing their utmost to make this game action-packed and challenging at the same time. The bosses in Gaiden ninja are truly in a class of their own when it comes to their level of difficulty, with Alma being one of the toughest bosses in the game by a mile country.

His original and awakened form are truly difficult and prove to be a massive test of a player’s patience. Luckily, players have already been beaten by the game so many times by this point that they must have already learned some of the game’s tricks to make those boss fights manageable.

7/8 Dark Queen (Battletoads)

Speaking of extremely difficult games, it would be impossible not to talk about them battle toads. A side-scrolling beat-em-up that changes its gameplay with innovative stages time after time, battle toads is one of the few games that truly deserved its remaster so people could see what’s so amazing about this legendary title.

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Well, one thing players will realize is that the difficulty of battle toads is truly in a class of its own, with the tale’s antagonist being quite fascinating on its own. The evil plans of The Dark Queen may be simple, but they get the job done and prove why games with simple, compelling gameplay loops don’t need amazing antagonists with well-written stories or motivations.

6/8 Marian Mallon (Dead Rising)

dead risen is one of the most popular Xbox exclusives that console fans love. While the latest game in the series may not have received the warmest of praise, the original trilogy of dead risen is still a pleasure to play even now. Fans love the goofy nature of the combat and the many great characters featured in the show.

The second and third games feature Marian Mallon as the antagonist. She is the director of Phenotrans and was responsible for engineering outbreaks in Las Vegas and Fortune City just so the organization could get more money. She’s a truly evil villain that players will love defeating in the series.

5/8 GLaDOS (portal)

Gate is one of the best video game duologies of all time, featuring two games with incredible stories and a great gameplay loop where players have to rack their brains and solve puzzles by creating portals and using the environment to their advantage. The games are excellent and worth checking out for fans of puzzle titles who want something new to experience.

One of the game’s most iconic characters is GLaDOS, a mechanical antagonist who forces Chell to solve a host of difficult and potentially deadly puzzles for the sole purpose of experimentation. While the two characters agree in the second game, GLaDOS’ antagonistic attitude is still a treat to behold regardless.

4/8 Kreia (Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords)

Knights of the Old Republic 2 could have been a great game if it hadn’t been rushed before release and shipped with lots of bugs. As it stands, playing the game is simply impossible without a patch that fixes most bugs and also reintegrates cut content.

The antagonist of this game is Kreia, a character who has quite a nuanced approach when it comes to both the light side and the dark side of the Force. Arguing that both sides are wrong in their own way, most people would definitely agree with Kreia’s philosophy, even if they have no choice but to fight her further down the line.

3/8 Alma Wade (FEAR)

TO FEAR is a legendary first-person shooter franchise that more people need to experience. The games were dripping with atmosphere, had awesome AI… and also featured one of the most gruesome antagonists of all time.

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Alma Wade is a seer who was exploited by the Armacham Technology Corporation for its own benefit, subjecting her to inhumane tests that ultimately led to her losing her life. However, his psychic spirit lived on and wreaked havoc long after he died.

2/8 Queen Myrrah (Gears Of War)

armament of war presents humanity’s struggles against the horde of locusts, this extraterrestrial force causing death and destruction on a large scale. So it’s obvious that the leader of this horde would be a dastardly villain in his own right.

Such is the case with Queen Myrrah, who is one of the most evil video game villains of all time. She would have destroyed the entire human race if she hadn’t encountered an early grave, but Myrrah managed to be a lasting presence in the series even after her demise!

1/8 Maligula (Psychonauts 2)

Psychonauts 2 is the critically acclaimed sequel to an early game that had people hooked and sent fans into a frenzy as they clamored for a sequel to this magical experience. The end result was a brilliant title that delved deeper into Razputin’s adventures as a Psychonaut and served as a fitting continuation to the first game’s mechanics.

The main antagonist of this game is Maligula, a hydrokinetic with immense destructive potential. She essentially transforms into a serial killer that the player must track down and stop before she can cause large-scale irreversible damage.

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