Battlefield 2042 causes Xbox console to crash



Dozens of gamers are reporting that the Early Access version of Battlefield 2042 is crashing their Xbox Series X consoles.

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Although it is not yet officially released, EA DICE Battlefield 2042 has already created a ton of reviews on its gameplay. The next opus of the Battlefield The franchise officially launches on November 19, but early access is granted to players who have pre-ordered the Gold or Ultimate editions of Battlefield 2042. EA Play subscribers, included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, can also access Battlefield 2042 early.

Even if Battlefield 2042 is available for early access gamers, those on Xbox Series X should probably wait a bit, as dozens of gamers report the title crashes the Xbox console and completely shuts it down. The news is not entirely surprising, because Battlefield 2042 the beta was full of issues, and it was reported Battlefield 2042 will not be able to resolve frame rate issues in time for launch.


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On the EA Support Forum where there are over 300 responses, Early Access players share their frustration with the constant crashes encountered while playing. Battlefield 2042. Crashes shut down the entire console and appear to occur randomly, occurring within minutes of the game starting or at the end. EA responded by trying to resolve some of the issues. After 200 responses, EA updated the discussion thread saying they are aware of the issue and that an “optional” update will be made available to all Xbox Series X players on November 17, two days before the official release.

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Confusingly, EA also said that “gamers can already download this update in the OMEGA Ring as part of the Xbox Insider program.” The way the sentence was worded gave the impression that the optional update available on November 17 was the same one available now. Some players have asked EA for clarification on whether the 17 update is in fact the same as it hasn’t fixed the issues for most players.

The forum was originally set up on Thursday, with some players claiming they were unable to enjoy full matches after pre-ordering the upgrade. Battlefield 2042 editions. If the optional November 17 update is different from the update via Xbox Insider and actually works, that will only give players two days of early access when they originally promised an entire week. Accidents aren’t the only problem either, because Battlefield 2042 gamers react to various game issues including framerate.

Battlefield 2042 is still in Early Access, but with five days to release, it’s highly unlikely that there will be any significant updates that will fix most of the issues players are facing. Yet the Battlefield 2042 The beta has attracted a lot of players, and while some are having issues, they are still having fun with the title. Whatever the criticisms Battlefield 2042 receives at the moment might not deter some players from buying the expected FPS.

Battlefield 2042 releases November 19 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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