Are video games bad for you?


Hello, my name is Joshua Jackson and in my study hall class we had some debates. One of the blackboard debates the teacher wrote made me think about whether video games are really bad for you or not. Well, for me, I find video games relaxing and relaxing when you have free time, especially if you’ve had a long day and want to take a break. Most of the time I would say I don’t have time to play video games, so it’s nice to play once in a while. I remember when I was younger a few years ago I was very addicted and played them right after I got home from school.

After realizing how addicted I had become, I’ve stayed away from them ever since. Now I don’t play video games as much as I used to, but my favorite game to play in my spare time is Fortnite. I feel like video games and especially games like Fortnite and Minecraft help create a creative mindset. I remember I used to play Fortnite a lot and after a while I got addicted and sometimes I would stay up after bedtime because I was addicted at the time.

Sometimes I would stay past bedtime and then take the Xbox away for an entire week, sometimes because I couldn’t control myself. But too many things are bad for you, so I would say video games can be both good and bad for your health. I play video games about every one or two weeks and feel great after taking a break from video games.

It’s about self-control and the time you spend doing something. I figured this out because I didn’t get much sleep and would always be tired when I had to go to school because I stayed up late and it affected my concentration. at school. Well, anyone who reads stay safe and stay healthy and above all stay positive.


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