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Vault Breakers announces a big event today! ANVIL, the top-down action shooter from developer Action Square has just launched on Steam Early Access, Xbox Preview, and Xbox Game Pass. Starting today, players can dive into the dangerous world of ANVIL, taking on the role of the mighty archbreakers.

The Breakers seek out “Vaults,” which are remnants of alien civilizations scattered across multiple galaxies. Players are tasked with exploring these various galaxies and using their abilities to take down hundreds of monsters. Over 100 randomly generated artifacts are scattered across the game’s many planets, and players must scavenge to level up and find better loot to aid them in the massacre.

Due to the mechanical bodies of the Vault Breaker, defeat does not mean the end. It just means it’s time to rebuild. Players keep all accumulated EXP when they die. The more EXP you earn, the stronger and more powerful the Breakers become. Kill, recover, die, rebuild. That’s the life of a Vault Breaker.

The features of the game according to the press release are as follows:

  • Become a “Breaker” in search of safes and explore the unknown galaxy.
  • Explore multiple galaxies with random planets and unique bosses.
  • Open chests and defeat bosses to use the leveling powers there.
  • Use over 100 randomly generated artifacts and dozens of weapons that will make each session unique and different.
  • Explore a combination of different playstyles as you test the synergy between various artifacts and obtain powerful weapons to become the Ultimate Breaker.
  • Earn EXP during battle to improve your Breaker’s strength and give him new powers.
  • Never fear death; rebuild your Breaker to be even stronger after a loss.

You want to get started ANVIL yourself? Take the game on Steam Early Access, Xbox Preview, and Xbox Game Pass now.


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