Amazon Prime Day Xbox Series X replenishment offers: Xbox console and games


Amazon Prime Day Buyers are hoping that a restocking of the Xbox Series X and console and game offerings are on their way, with Microsoft’s console potentially making it into Prime Day 2021 savings. With the new Xbox hard to come by due to out-of-stocks , many hope that it will reappear today or tomorrow. Here are the best Xbox Prime Day deals so far:

Amazon Prime Day Xbox Series X Deals

Here are the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Prime Day offers so far, along with placeholders for listings where the offers could go live:

The list will be updated as Prime Day rolls out, so be sure to bookmark this page for other offers.

While buyers will wait for a restocking of the Xbox Series X, the console is unlikely to make it to Amazon with a discounted price. Given the lingering shortages due to manufacturing complications from the pandemic, which the PS5 also suffered notably from, if the XSX is to appear on Prime Day, it is predicted to cost its suggested retail price of $ 499.99.

Still, that won’t prevent Xbox Series X games and accessories from being downsized in the meantime. While Xbox game deals aren’t as coveted as PS5 game deals given that many of the best versions of the console are already available through the Game Pass service, Amazon will likely continue to see good savings on accessories and games that are not readily available through the service in the meantime.

In other news, Alan Wake Remastered was recently revealed in a leak from the Epic Games Store. Facebook has also been heavily criticized for adding ads to Oculus Quest 2 games, angering VR users.


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