Amazon launches “Buy With Prime” for third-party online stores


Amazon will allow third-party online stores to integrate the Prime shopping experience for their customers.

The new initiative is called “Buy with Prime(Opens in a new window)“, and it will allow online stores to take advantage of Amazon’s checkout experience, free shipping and return systems rather than trying to do it themselves.

However, Amazon only offers Buy with Prime by invitation.(Opens in a new window) for merchants already using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Since they already have an established relationship with Amazon and their products are stocked in Amazon’s warehouses, it’s possible to add Buy with Prime to their online stores “in minutes”, according to Amazon.

For consumers, this means that any website that uses Buy with Prime will allow them to make purchases using their Amazon account details, so their email address, home/shipping addresses and their payment card details do not need to be re-entered. They’ll know Buy with Prime is an option at a third-party store from the Prime logo displayed next to eligible items with an expected delivery date.

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For Amazon, it’s a relatively simple extension of the FBA service, while giving the company another way to compete with other shipping services like UPS and FedEx. For FBA merchants, this is a no-brainer unless they have already established shipping partnerships for their own store. In fact, Buy with Prime may entice some merchants to set up an online store if they don’t already have one.

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