According to Insider, two-thirds of Xbox games in development have yet to be announced.


We’ll also get more information from Avowed in a few weeks, according to these insiders.

For context, Jez asks Rand al Thor 19 how many games from the Xbox Roadmap have been revealed. In response, Rand al Thor 19 first admits that there are games he is not familiar with, including games related to Bethesda. He also said he didn’t know anything about the Kojima game mentioned by Jeff Grubb. So, he clarifies that he takes this information into account and makes a rough estimate, stating that he believes about a third of Xbox games have been announced so far. This pertains to Xbox’s roadmap spanning years into the future, so the number might not be as shocking as it first appears.

In a recent video from The Xbox Two, Xbox YouTube content creator Rand al Thor 19 sits down to play games and chat with Jez, a Windows Central reporter who covers news on Xbox and Microsoft. In the video, we hear Rand al Thor 19 claim that roughly two-thirds of games in development for Xbox have yet to be announced.

Later in the video, Rand al Thor 19 asks Jez a few questions about the upcoming Avowed game. He asks, “Is Confessed bigger in terms of locations and stories than Skyrim, and is the game system enjoyable, especially as a magic caster?” In response, Jez says people should be watching Windows Central over the next couple of weeks, as he’ll be writing an article to answer those kinds of questions soon. He at least says he knows things about Avoué and is “very excited” for the game, so it at least looks promising so far.

In other Xbox news, the company revealed that it will be launching special headsets, controllers and more later this year to celebrate its twentieth anniversary. Xbox launched its first console on November 15, 2001, so we can probably expect the new accessories in November.

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  • According to Insider, two-thirds of Xbox games in development have yet to be announced.
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