800° Go does not need physical stores, but investors


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Robots and culinary quality have not always gone hand in hand. For years, many diners preferred homemade creations to something put together by a machine. However, these devices have come a long way since then. Self-proclaimed foodies can marvel at the nuance, artistry, and a lifetime of culinary knowledge that a well-programmed automaton can replicate. Such devices could get the job done more efficiently and with a higher quality baseline than a human employee.

For example, local pizzeria owners no longer have to teach their restaurant’s artisanal tricks of producing the perfect pie to their often detached or even nonchalant staff. Instead, they could simply hire a robot to do the job, in many cases at a lower cost. is at the forefront of this technological trail, forging a partnership between centuries-old culinary art and artificial intelligence to deliver an innovative concept: automated kiosks that prepare and cook personalized pizzas in less than 180 seconds.

Partnering with Piestro, the company’s new 800° Go by Piestro mini-pizzerias could solve some of the restaurant industry’s toughest problems. With staff shortages plaguing many restaurants and even forcing some to close, 800° Go hopes to deliver a high-quality product while saving on labor costs by establishing locations that.

800° Go can accomplish this because its 40-square-foot handcrafted modules don’t require brick-and-mortar locations to operate. Owners can place a kiosk that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week all year round, in high traffic areas like malls and airports. The robot can take custom pizza orders from hungry customers, then assemble, cook and serve them in less than three minutes. The company aims to launch and expects 100 pizzerias to start operations this year. 800° Go is also working with the REEF ghost kitchen operation to set up another 500 sites to meet ever-increasing demand.

800° Go feels it is on the verge of massive expansion, and a new round of investment could help the company achieve its goal of a scalable restaurant concept. With an 800° GB system expected to halve labor costs and increase profit margins by up to 25%, curious backers can support the crowdfunding effort and potentially see huge returns.

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