7 great Xbox games you can play in 4K with backward compatibility


Xbox’s 20th anniversary is an event for the North American brand, which in two decades he sealed his name in video game history with four living room consoles; each with its own peculiarities, but always with a recognizable ecosystem which is now reaching one of its best moments. Today we want to remember the first Xbox, the one that blows the candles, as we enjoy one of the most acclaimed features of Microsoft’s latest two high-end machines, Xbox One X and Xbox Series X, where we can take advantage of the backward compatibility with the titles on resolution up to 4K and with up to 60 FPS.

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In Xbox Series S and Xbox One we can also take advantage of this possibility, with a catalog of hundreds of backward compatible titles from the Xbox 360 and many more from the first Xbox, albeit without Ultra HD resolution. While FPS Boost and Auto HDR were already steps in the right direction to improve the visual fidelity and performance of a hundred games, the improved backward compatibility The Xbox One X and especially the Xbox Series X thanks to its SSD allow us to play versions that look like remasters of their respective originals.

We recommend them 7 original Xbox games which left us pleasantly surprised and that we can enjoy a resolution up to 4K through the backward compatibility.

Ninja Gaiden Black

Not much can be said about what many believe is one of the best Ninja Gaiden and one of the best action games in video game history. After its release in 2004, it was shocking to see these graphics on a console, but the Xbox made it possible. And he did it based on the fluidity, the comfort of the mechanics and a difficulty curve of the book; able to subject the player to the limit. Ryu Hayabusha’s story peaked here, surely never having improved from that point on. Before the trend of like souls, lovers of difficult experiences have frozen in the saga of Team Ninja, with plethora of Tomonobu Sakaguchi. Unforgettable, there is no doubt; but better in 4K resolution. It looks like another game.

Splinter Cell: The Theory of Chaos

Metal Gear, Deux Ex, Dishonored… but also Splinter Cell. The Ubisoft saga gained the popularity it has today not by chance, but through video games like Chaos Theory, which on Xbox made us dream of the hand of Sam Fisher. It is clear that the French company’s proposal has little to do with the Konami saga, but this title made us understand why Splinter Cell had truly achieved excellence. An interesting plot, a fascinating use of gadgets and mechanics, coupled with a level design in which to progress was quite rewarding. It laid the groundwork for what the saga would look like in the future and, why not say it, many fans want future iterations of the license to look like that brilliant Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, which on Xbox Series X is to be tasted. with almost nonexistent loading times. .

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

This isn’t the only time we’ll be naming BioWare in this article. The studio responsible for Baldur’s Gate or Mass Effect has already made it clear with Star Wars that they fully understand how to deal with Star Wars IP with Knights of the Old Republic. And while the remake is on its way for PS5, trust us when we say the backward compatible version of Xbox in the next gen is a treat. When we talk about KOTOR, we are talking about one of the most acclaimed works in the Star Wars universe in general; not just video games. An adventure title with RPG mechanics spiced up by exceptional storytelling. Make binding decisions for story development, well-written characters and an ever-changing plot. Without a doubt, it is always highly recommended to revisit it.

Conker: live and recharged

Conker: Live and Reloaded was conceived as a remake of Conker’s Bad Fur Day harnessing the power of the machine in this 2005 protagonist of the Xbox sector; added to a new multiplayer component. The result, while not as memorable as the original work, was a benchmark platform title for fans of the genre. Rare had to cope with on its own, and while the controller could be improved upon, it’s nice to see how good-looking it looks today thanks to the backward compatibility. What has not changed is his sense of humor, the translation into Spanish, a soundtrack with unforgettable themes and a technical part which, why we are wrong, set the bar quite high in its day.


That Pshychonauts 2 is a candidate for Everything in 2021 shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point, it’s a great title. The original artwork has gone more unnoticed, so now we’re taking this opportunity that it’s on Xbox Game Pass to highly recommend it to everyone. A singular platform title, with an unleashed Double Fine overflowing with ideas; all embodied in excellent playability and a technical section that has raised the bar in the genre. Peter McConnell put the icing on the cake with his sound compositions, but here the real protagonist was Raz, who with his skills successfully married in a rich and varied level development. A title full of soul, care and tenacity, which made us fall for the message he wanted to convey in a setting as macabre as it is elegant. Pure Double Finde.


One of the best episodes of the saga. At a time when 1080º Snowboarding raised the bar on GameCube, Electronic Arts surprised us with the most spectacular EA Canada project we have seen in this generation. What we weren’t expecting was that his shadow and light play, with lighting that truly surprises, was going to win the title on both Xbox One X and Xbox Series X, where we have it. recently played in 4K. It’s a delight, with an arcade control that we have gradually lost; and unbridled pleasure, direct and efficient. The hallmarks of the saga remain, with a soundtrack worthy of the best EAs. A snowboard title which now, after so many years, has aged wonderfully.

Jade empire

If they tell you that an essential video game like Action RPG Jade Empire in 4K resolution and 60 FPS without any drop in performance, there is no doubt that the situation is attractive. Whether you have an Xbox One X or an Xbox Series X, the performance is unbeatable; feels like a free remaster, gaining in quality of detail in shadows, lighting, and amount of detail in textures. Over fifteen years have passed, but BioWare’s work remains as it did on day one, with a morality system, dialogue development, and a house combat system brand. Moreover, its implantation in the eastern fantasy of Imperial China had a great impact in its time: a pure affection for the martial arts with the hallmark of the society responsible for Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Knights.

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